Sunday, March 31, 2013

What this Easter means to me.. April 2013

Good morning to you this light filled Easter morning :)

Read this post by Called to Question... and was reminded of so much this morning.

I am so reminded of this gorgeous gift called freedom.
I love it so very much.
Freedom live free in the wild...outside of any cages or mindsets.
Completely wild and free, outside of the walls of religion in the wide blue open.
Following the magnificence of God's presence that dwells inside my heart.
Lover of the Light.
Being lead to food and water when I need it.
Enjoying the wholeness that continues to come to my mind and soul.

Resurrection is the word used for this day.

And I definitely FEEL resurrected.

Tho I will not be attending a service this morning.. and I don't quite know what to do with Jesus these days.
I have been thinking about Him.
The beauty and truth He brought to the earth.
The unconditional love He showed to all who's paths He crossed.
His life, death and resurrection speak to me of so much.

Jesus was so real to me as a child. He was the part of God that was safe to me.
Jesus signified the kindness, compassion and unconditional love of God. 
He truly was one of my best friends. 
I remember many times singing to Him, dancing for Him, talking to Him...longing for Him to see me and find pleasure and delight in me.
I always felt that He did.
I so appreciate that gift from God, even tho today, I am still hashing out my thoughts on this person called Jesus. 
I love that I felt seen by Him, and therefore seen by God.

Our Easter weekend this year has been one that has been the most freedom filled. No obligations or traditions outside of the one's we are making. Really just intentional and love filled. 
We colored eggs yesterday, spent time just talking and enjoying the sunshine, went to the park, laughed until we were all crying, we had my families favorite breakfast casserole for dinner... 
This morning my kid's found their Easter baskets, my hub took my son to the park to throw his new glider airplane, while my littlest is painting her sun catchers right next to me as I write, and my oldest is sleeping still..taking in her last morning of sleeping in. 
We are going to go to Denver and have lunch with my brother and sis-in-law, then scoot back home for a Easter egg hunt.
I think for the first time, it was the Easter weekend that was simply us. our flavor. our traditions.
It's given me much to think on as we return back home soon to Arizona.

Just some heart rumblings this morning as I think on Resurrection Sunday (Easter) and what it stirs inside me this April 2013.

May your day be filled with the beauty that is you and your family.

BIG x's and o's.


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