Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year to you!

A brand new year!

Just wanted to share something that has been bumping around inside...

Been listening to Deepak, and my lil' mind is being constantly blown... lol..

He quoted Meister Eckardt yesterday and this quote keep visiting me...and painting outrageously glorious pictures in me. :)

I hope it does the same for you.

" I am not IN the world.. the world IS IN me.
I am not IN the universe, but the universe IS IN me.
I am not IN my body or my mind, it is ALL inside of ME."

~ Meister Eckhart

I heard that and thought.. that's interesting.

But as I folded clothes at work by myself yesterday, it came back to me over and over.
And I could hear God ask.. " Now, what does that look like, do you think?"

And I saw my body inside this glorious orb of light. Not my spirit inside of my body, but the complete opposite. 
It's honestly hard for me to fathom anything more then just my body.. ha! But it sure is fun to paint a picture of what that looks like.

Spirit is omnipresent, just like our Creator.
It has no bounds.
So truly, we are all inside of each other! Isn't that a glorious thought?
One..and connected.
Even tho I am here typing on my desktop here at my home, and you are reading on your computer in your home or coffee shop.
We are inside of each other.

Such a thought.

May this New Year be filled with the awakening that we are not separate from each other, or anything for that matter, but are truly one.

BIG hug.. and a happy new year to you!



  1. beautiful xoxo i'm in pre-coffee mode or my comment would have been longer! I will be back ;) xoxo

  2. oooh yeah! The day is not official until the first cuppa, gf!
    Toasting my cuppa heavenly goodness to yours!
    Happy beautiful day to you!

  3. big hugs to you my sister
    love the truths you are unfolding

    love and light