Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday morning loves.

Morning, beautiful friends..

Have just a minute and have to scoot to get to work this morning...

Read this quote from a friend's blog the other day and thought.. wow! Such the truth!

We mirror our understanding of what God's nature is.

If our understanding is that God is angry, judgmental, schizophrenic, a conditional lover and discriminates, we become that.

If our understanding is that God is love (without any but's), we become that.

~Daniel Alexander

Daniel's thought there reminded me of a question that Albert Einstein asked.. 

"Is the Universe compassionate?"


The eye with which I see God is the same eye with which God sees me.
– Meister Eckhart, 13th c. mystic

The more I journey through the eyes of my heart, the more I see how powerful our worldview is when it comes to my perception of God..the Universe.

One dictates the other.

How I view myself, other's humanity and the overall goodness or lack of goodness in the world.

Isn't that interesting?

My sister and I were texting last night talking about this very thing... our culture is a result and fruit of a ego driven society.
Everything has to be defined and boxed up.
And if said thing cannot be defined and boxed up, it is therefore deemed as bad and cut off.
Can't you see that thinking in a lot of our society today?

When in reality, we were created to live life inside the beauty of wonder and mystery...and just enjoy the journey of that.

So... is the Universe compassionate?
Is it like my friend Daniel said... "angry, judgmental, schizophrenic, a conditional lover and discriminates"?

Just some thoughts this morning.

Beautiful Saturday to you, loves.. xo


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  1. beautiful thoughts :) and I completely agree xoxo