Thursday, December 27, 2012

Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander... a bit of some book love.

I remember the first time I had seen Eben Alexander's face... it was just last year.

My sister was taping all these episodes of a Discovery channel tv show called "I survived...Beyond and Back".
And I would come over and we would have coffee and catch up on all the episodes. Great fun and great discussions!

If your not familiar with that show.. it's a tv show that highlights two different people and their near death experiences.
They will share a bit about their life, how they died, and their experience after dying, as well as when they come back and what their life looks like after the experience.
It's a really fascinating show.
One of the things that my sis and I love about it, is it doesn't matter what a person's religious or non-religious background is. Everybody goes to heaven. ;) Interesting huh?
Each experience is individual to each person tho.

I remember listening to Dr. Eben's story on that particular show.

Months later, I receive a book in the mail... as my sister LOVES to share anything amazing that she has read and happened upon.
She is such a blessing to this journey and to my life. I love her so every now and then I will get love packages in the mail from her...this particular package was the book "Proof of Heaven".

Now, I am not usually drawn to near death experiences...probably because I have heard ALOT of those stories. But because my sister had sent this to me, I knew that it must be a very special story.

Eben Alexander is a neurosurgeon. He came down with a rare case of meningitis that completely shut down his whole brain and left him completely brain dead. The meningitis had caused him to slip into a coma that the doctors said he would never come out of.
Basically, as he explains, he was a corpse being kept alive by machines. No activity whatsoever.

He shares in his book his experience of where he was tho.
For 7 days, while he was in a coma, he experienced heaven... and I wanted to share some of the parts of that experience that spoke so deeply to me.

Three things came to him the moment he met "his angel" and began his heaven journey.
It was a message that was overwhelming to him, he said...but it spoke to me of all that I have been walking through even here on this side of eternity.

1. You are loved and cherished, dearly, forever.

2. You have nothing to fear.

3. There is nothing you can do wrong.

This was what Eben was bathed in, lavished in over and over and over. It was greater then love.. it was greater then was completely unconditional and completely complete.

These 3 beautiful truths that came to Eben as he entered and continued on his journey while he was in heaven were gorgeous and so resonated inside myself.

Another favorite part of his journey that I adored was his first encounter with God.

Eben actually doesn't call God by the name God.. he calls the Being, Om. (interesting huh?)
Om is the one tonal vibration that has been found to be in everything in the Universe... LOVE that!
No surprise right?

But in sharing his very first encounter with Om (God), Eben shares how aghast he was at the intense love and affection that Om had for him.
How Om knew Eben through and through...but also that Om, for lack of better words, Eben said, was so human like. ;)
Om laughed, and had a sense of humor.
Om had such human qualities.. that was the only way Eben could explain it.
I loved that! Of course...we are MADE in God's image.

And the question came to me...
Is God more human like?
Or am I more Divine like? ;)

There is so much more to the book then just those two things... I could share more, but just wanted to share a couple of my favorite parts!

I adored his heart, and his humble way of sharing his life and experience.

Such a glorious read!
I highly highly recommend for ever seeker on this journey to experiencing God outside of religion.

Before his heaven experience, Dr. Eben Alexander believed in science. He was a very left side brain thinker.. very logical and pretty much an atheist.
He had a scientific solution to every wonder there is in the world.
After his experience, his whole view has changed.

His heart in writing this book is to show the scientific community that all of their explanations of near death experiences can not even touch his.
Because of the nature of what happened to his brain inside of that coma and sickness. His brain was off.
There was no activity.
After coming back, he says he can see now how spirituality and science have so much in common. And they both can learn so much from each other.

Such a precious and humble man.
Really love him, and I have never even met him! lol!

A couple of my own insights after reading this book, but also in collaboration with some of the other NDE's I have heard and read about is that no where...EVER did God lay out the sinner's prayer to ANYBODY.
There was never any talk about "believing in Jesus Christ" that was the correct combination to entering into heaven.
Everybody that has experienced heaven, even if for just a brief few minutes was welcomed and enveloped with unconditional love and acceptance.
Every person.
Even this man, Eben, who was a atheist.
That's so very interesting to me coming from a Evangelical Christian background.

Much love and life to you, precious friends..




  1. I love reading about NDE's. I have done a lot of that! I watched Eben on Oprah's super soul sunday and was fascinated with his story because of his scientific mind. It's all so reassuring isn't it? xo

    1. Glynis.. HIGHLY recommend it! I saw his interviews after I read the book.. such a precious man simply sharing his story. LOVED it!!
      It is so reassuring...nice to have that confirmation!

  2. That's how I believe. It's refreshing to hear it confirmed by someone like that. There is so much freedom in that belief!;)

    1. There is so much freedom inside that way of living and worldview!
      It offers freedom to others as well...such a glorious freedom and truth!

  3. ♥♥♥
    love this!

    love and light