Friday, December 21, 2012

Hi! meandering post of randomness..

Hi my friends..


Quickie update'ish post for those that come here to read on that stuff... ;)

Crazy is a word that my life enfolds right now.
Busy kind of crazy.
Enjoy work. Loving the people interaction. It has felt so good to get out and be and love people.
Hoping to continue working, and interviewed for a position..waiting for the call back on that.

Loving my family on the in-between times of not working.

Amazing miracles have happened this month in the arena of Christmas money... crazy amazing miracles happened this month.

Hard and emotional as my hub and I walk through some stuff with my oldest daughter.
Really hard. raw. and so emotional.

My house is upside floors need to be cleaned desperately .. but my heart is so full and I have never felt more present then I do right this season.
Saying goodbye to Facebook was one of the most amazing gifts I could give myself...especially in this season where I need all my senses to be sharp, being heart lead and full on present.

Food is something that I can feel the Divine going towards.
My very very long companion of
That one is going to be interesting.
I feel a renewing happening tho in my mind on the topic of food and healthy.
New perspectives but at a snails pace.
Love that the Divine is never in any hurry. Time is completely null and void to Him/Her.
Loving my whole self... and speaking to myself with love and kindness.
It's a work in progress, but I am feeling a beautiful awakening happen in this area.
It's been one I have wanted to be renewed in, and am giddy happy that it's happening.

Understanding more on the topic of my mind/psyche and my heart/spirit has been way insightful.
Read and amazing book by Eben Alexander... Proof of Heaven.
I want to write about it.
Have a giveaway too.
It was THAT good.
Wow. and Wow.
I am not drawn to books of near death experiences, but this one was just outrageous and beautiful and resonated so very much with my own journey of knowing God outside of religion.
I laughed and cried at the same time while reading it.
Also still reading Michael A. Singer's book Untethered Soul...also a life shifter for me.
Have had to take bite's of that one and savor. It's simple and practical, but also can't be a hurried read.

Aaaaand what else??

Um.. missing this space. missing my bloggy friends.
Been homesick for my family in Arizona... just the life and celebrations part.
Not the drama tho.

The new year is closely approaching and I have been asking God for a word for this year.
Mulling it around inside and throwing it to the Divine.
Last year my word/words were " Making peace".
Making peace with life.. all the areas I have constantly been in strife with.
My big "ah ha" was the simple thought of, "If I want to HAVE peace inside.. I need to MAKE peace".
Wow! Has that been the awakenings for me this past year.

Oh, I had a photo shoot.. a Christmas photo shoot other then the one I did with my little family.
That was fun. Part of the miracle that happened this month.
Christmas monies! Yay!

How are you?
Would love to know what is happening with you...
What are you reading these days?

If I don't check back in before Christmas..

I wish you a Merry Christmas and I wish and hope for you the gift of peace this year.


  1. Merry christmas! Loved this post!;) love all your updates! Beautiful pictures!!!

    1. Merry Christmas, K!! Love you.. need to hop over and catch up with you my friend!

  2. love love love you!!!!!
    love the randomness...isn't tht just life!

    keepen' it real with Amy...should be the title of your new blog lol

    love and light

    1. lol.. I know right??

      LOVE you, sweet Cat! Can't wait for some time to sit and catch up on all that's happening with you. Love you so.. have a gorgeous Christmas.. full of peace and beauty..MUAH!