Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Wednesday... :)

Hi my friends.. if you see this it's because I have decided to bring my blog back to public.

After realizing I had some people find my blog, that I thought I was afraid of, I realized I wasn't.

Let me explain.

Fear and shame have been constant companions to me...of my personal thoughts... and my inner life.

I canNOT tell you how grateful I am that my blog was found by people that I thought would judge me harshly and criticize.
I realized something.
I really don't care anymore.
They can judge.
They can point the finger.
But whatever it was that kept me hiding from them is gone.
Totally gone.

Having that happen has also spun my thinking about this blog in a different direction.
Not totally different, but more wholly me.
I realized that there have been things I have wanted to blog about on here.. just simple life stuff... silly stuff.. recipe stuff... other parts of me that I didn't think my blog readers would be interested in.
I think it's time to bring my blog life higher.
Into what I fully am.
All the goofy, whimsical and deep areas of me.

I am going to bring this space a face lift, as well as a new name.

I am not ashamed of anything in my life... this life I am living is real.. authentic and raw.
It's glorious and free...and I get to do it the way I am created to do it.
I want to share that with the world and sing and write and shout of freedom AND what it looks like in the day to day.

So, stay tuned.... 2013 has gorgeous and beauty in store for this space.

Love you all so much... and thankyou for being you and sharing how you do life inside freedom.

You inspire me.

BIG BIG squishy hugs to you...

Amy the Free ;))


  1. Proud of you!! <3 It feels GREAT when you lose the fear!!

    1. :))) Thankyou, Anne!! It feels amazing to lose the fear... oooh yeah!


  2. I love your courage. I love it and can't wait to see what's coming here, the all of you.. so exciting! xoxo

    1. Love you, my friend.. thankyou for your encouragement and loves...xo

  3. oh sister
    i am so happy to hear this
    no shame
    no guilt
    no hiding

    bring it on
    i want to see it all
    and let those who would judge judge
    do they matter anyways?

    I love this Amy
    thank you for being brave
    thank you for being you
    thank you

    when one heals we all heal♥

    love and light

  4. Love this. Great that you came to that...we all come to our freedoms different ways and I love how you mentioned that. For me- it would not have been freedom to not care about the blog publicly because ALL my family lives a few blocks from me- seeing me at EVERY function- so thus it DID matter- not because I was living in fear or shame but because life was becoming difficult for my children and family with their information they got. So I had to weigh in...I love how you mentioned that it is different and this is your freedom because I know you are not judging my choice but instead living freely in yours and what can work for you. Sometimes I wish I had less connections here so it really would not matter as much- cuz not much damage personally can be done from far away- it's easier to control what repercussions fall on the family- sigh.
    This was beautiful, heartfelt, brave and exciting!!! I can NOT wait to see more glimpses of YOU...and recipes and such that you love! Whatever way you go i understand and support it...:)