Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday loves and just randomness..

Morning to you, my lovies...

Just have a few minutes to spare before I start on my day.

~ First, we had our first official snow dusting here in CO!
It was so fun!

~ This is my favorite picture of the week... ;)

~ I start my new job today.. yeeks.

I am really's customer service based, and I am finding I have a really big passion for great customer service. I get so irked when a situation arises and somebody needs help, only to not got any, and to be treated like an inconvenience when they make a little noise to a employee.

Soooooo, I start that today. :)

~ Lots brewing in my heart that I will write as I can... I have more family coming into town next week, with a full week of work, and a house to prep for them.

I did unplug from Facebook again. I had been drawn back in because I felt I needed to promote and market my photography business. Felt like I had a pretty good handle on it, but then, low and behold, my head is noisy again, I have started to distract myself with it again... it's just time to unplug from it again.

Originally I just did the de-activate my FB account option, but yesterday decided to take the plunge and just completely delete my account.

I keep on seeing myself living life away from it... like little snippets and glimpses into the person I know I am and want to continue to evolve into. And this Amy isn't distracted, but she is purposeful and present.

Do you ever see that?

It's something new that has begun to happen with me living more from my heart... I have always caught pictures and I can see scenarios play out when it comes to people I just meet, or God or even my own loved ones. Like little movies of things that have happened in their life and deep gut intuitions and knowings about them.
But these glimpses of myself are new.
I catch these little snippets of myself... and now I understand it's my spirit and my heart showing me what living from my heart's desire would look like.
Being so visual, it's a powerful motivation... to actually catch glimpses of what it would look like for me to live fully present, living in freedom and wholeness.

And part of that is seeing myself less plugged into virtual/internet land, and more being present and living in real life land ;)

~Oh and I loved this post by Kind Over Matter.. so so good. So resonates what is in my own heart.

~ Aaaaand I am so drooling over this recipe for Double Crunch Honey Garlic Chicken..

I must make it tonite for dinner! I just must!

~ And the very last thing I wanted to share was something that I am so excited about.. I adore Deepak Chopra.. and he is having a 21 Day Meditation Challenge starting tomorrow... I am so looking forward to this. I know I need it.. a.l.o.t.
Here is the linkie to that too if you are interested.. The 21 Day Meditation Challenge.
It's free, and that's so nice too :)

... ok, have to scoot! I have my sunshine boy up and he is roaring to go this morning.

Loves and a beauty-filled Sunday to you...




  1. Ams, I understand the need to disconnect from things. Kind of what I wrote about on my blog yesterday.
    But when I went on FB and you weren't there my heart hurt! I need you in my life, so we will have to stay connected in other ways.
    Enjoy the new job! So happy for you. Love to you today sweet friend.

    1. Star I emailed and texted you... I love you friend.. we are so much more then FB friends.

      BIG hug..

  2. I just signed up for the 21 day meditation Ames thanks!
    Face Book
    as you know I have not gone there....until recently
    I hooked up because of the course I am taking there is an online class room that I wanted to be able to be a part of and my son is in australia and much of the time it is our only way to communicate with him....BUT now being on it just for those two reason I Know why I have stayed away from it...and no offence to anyone else but for me it is not the way to communicate...I feel like it is manic. Everyone that friends me I decline because I just do not want to go there...I will keep it for my class and son but that is all I want from it, no more and no less...but I can see how people could get lost on it for hours and all the quick back and forth is just not for me...I think i like to linger in conversation, in word...but that is me, that does not have to be anyone else....

    when is looks yummy!!!

    Love and Light

    1. Such a great description.. manic... yes! I think I am going to write some more on the topic and my own feelings. But like you said, FB is just not for me. I know so many people that it does not affect like it does me, and I am so glad that it works for them. But it does things to my mind... and my clarity. It has been such a weight off of me since I said goodbye again to it.
      I so get why you are using it, Cat.. and your strength to say no to others that want to connect with you over FB. Stay strong.. lol! It has a weird guilt factor to it... just the "friend" option and the "accept the friend or DENY the friend" option... people get their feelings hurt if you don't "friend"'s so twisted.. and I love people, so to deny felt bad to me.. so I would accept.

      The recipe was SO yummy! Kind of a Jamaican/Carribean flavor.. really fun to make too!