Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Define me.

She walks.
Path in front.
Silence surrounds.
Her hand in His.

Today a restlessness is come.
Stirrings and agitation arise inside.
Questions of value. of belonging.
From deep inside a little voice asks..
"Define me.
Who am I?"

He looks at her. into her. deep deep.
Eyes burning with love. passion.
He says nothing.
Looks forward again and continues to walk.

She says again.
"Define me."
Tell me... who am I?"

Again He looks at her.
Love turned to compassion.
Eyes burning.
Face ambivalent.
He says one word.
And looks forward again and continues to walk.

She asks again.
and again.
"Define me.
Please... tell me.
Who am I?"

He looks again.
Seeing her desperation and condition.
Her cry for value and her addiction to definition.
He shakes His head and softly speaks.
No, my love.
I will not define you."

She cries.
Falling to her knees.
"Please! Please!
Define me!
Please.. tell me who I am!

This time, He stops.
Reluctant resolve He sighs.
He speaks.
Every vibration of His voice rings out a song of love and understanding.

He whispers...
so soft.
so sure.

"You are."

He smiles.
He waits.
He whispers again.

"My darling, YOU ARE.

You are all and everything.
You are light and you are dark.
You are sweet and you are savory.
You are summer and you are winter.
You are heaven and you are earth.

YOU ARE, my love.

You are.

You simply ARE.

You, see... to define you would be like you trying to define Me.
It is not possible.
It cannot be done because there are no words to define something that is indescribable.
I won't define you because I can't and I won't.
It would be a greatest cruelty to my beloved to do so and I will not do it.

You are all and everything."

She sighs.

Deep soul sighs... one, two, three.
Knowing sighs. resonating sighs.
Every word a breathe blowing out every flame of worry...every lie of inadequacy and un-belonging.

It's true.
I am."

She nods.
He smiles.

Her hand in His.
Turning toward the path again.
They walk.