Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My love :)

Ok, so this post might totally be way to mooshy for some, so look away and keep scrollin' cause it's gonna be mooshy.. 

Don't say I didn't warn ya!

So I am sitting across from my hub last night, his sisters are in town and we are playing UNO.
He is laughing and we are all just splitting a gut, and I can't help but melt when I look at him. 
We celebrate our 14 year anniversary tomorrow, and I can say that I am so madly in love with my hub more today then the day we said our vows.
He is my dream muffin.. no joke. :D
To this day when he walks in the door from work, my heart flutters and my face is the first one I want him to see... smiling, a full hug and smooch to welcome him home.

Our love hasn't come easy, but man every trial and every hashing out of our personalities and relationship has been worth the depth and the strength of our love today.

Every time I see a new married couple I want to tell them be on each other's team!
~ Love each other passionately.
~ Choose to SEE that person and their heart, even when sometimes their words and actions don't match up.
~ Let each other fly and sparkle and be the person they were created to be.
~ Don't try to change or better the other person, just LOVE them.
~ Let them be them self. Let them grow, and let their journey with God BE just that THEIR JOURNEY WITH GOD. It's not gonna look like yours or anybody elses.
~ Treat each other as the precious treasure that you each are to the other... with respect, honor and kindness in words and in actions ALWAYS.
~ You CAN fight fair. No sucker punches or hitting below the belt..meaning no name calling, bringing up past mistakes, etc..

CONSIDER each other always.

Our greatest strife has been when we have had expectations of each other and those expectation were not who the other person was. That is so unfair.
That has to be one of the hardest and greatest lessons. Letting each other just BE and loving each other full on in that space... THAT has been a HUGE one for us.
Love is scary. When you love you truly are naked in front of that other person. In all your spaces and junk and all your vulnerable's just right out there.
It brings out the best in us, it brings out the worst.
It's always worth it. Always.

So happy anniversary to my hub! I love you love you love you!


End of mooshy post ;)

My daughter took this picture this past summer with her phone.. so it's a bit grainy... but I love it!

She took this when my hub was working out of town each week, and we weren't seeing each other from Sunday night to Friday night. This particular night we were able to meet in the middle and see each was so special. I will never forget how much I missed my hub those weeks we were a part. The time we have together now is so much sweeter being a part so much!



  1. I love mushiness> You guys are sweet together. I loved this tribute. Wishing you many more years ( and I love the pics:) So sweet!! A symbol of love and commitment. Great thoughts!

    1. Love you, K.. thankyou for reading my moosh ;)

  2. this is so sweet. :) i love that you would take the time to share these lessons...they all deserve to be taken to heart. thank you! congratulations on your anniversary. :)

    1. Ah my Rae.. thankyou, love... muah!

  3. I love your love sister!

    love and light