Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Life and butterflies...

Lately I have been dreaming of butterflies.. 
Every night they have been fluttering in my dreams...even if just for a moment, they are there. 

I had been meaning to look that up online, but kept forgetting and putting it off.

Last night, just out of the blue, a dear friend posted this picture..and as the title she posted..

Amy the Free.

She drew this some time ago, before we had ever even met. 
From her own heart and hand.
But look at it... the woman is me. 
I can't get over it... 

My jaw dropped.
I got goosebumps.
I cried.

This picture is so symbolic of my heart and desire to speak/sing/breathe Life and beauty to all who hunger for it and are open to hear.
I long for that so be that voice.

I canNOT believe the butterflies are here...
This picture leaves me absolutely speechless and astonished.

Marcie, you beautiful soul and heart.. thankyou for sharing this with me.

Had to share it with you.

I have GOT to frame this... such a reminder and a center space for me.

Artist = Marcie

I met Marcie through a mutual friend, and she was telling me she had never drawn before.
She told me she had all these different pictures in her heart, and knew no artist to tell and have them draw out for her.
So one day she sat down and started to draw!
Isn't that wonderful??
Here are a couple more of her "freedom" pictures...
She is awesome!
They are so raw and full of truth and beauty.

Watch out she knows she can fly!

God said "it is good".... Embrace her
This one above reminds me of Rain ;)

It's all about the journey..

Aren't those gorgeous?? 
I want a whole book of them.. there are other's I will share later.



  1. So glad you are finding your freedom and butterfly imagery:)

  2. Amy
    that picture is gorgeous
    and how it came to be is divine
    true divinity

    funny about the butterflies..I too have had butterfly dreams, one in particular when I was looking at a tree, a fall tree and a gust of wind comes up and carries a bunch of leaves away and as they float on the wind they turn to butterflies....bright colourful butterflies
    a gorgeous metaphor for transformation
    that is one of the things the butterfly represent...transformation

    love seeing you back here

    love and light