Sunday, July 22, 2012

Letters from Papa

Amy, you do NOT have to prove yourself, who you are, and how you love and create to ANYBODY.




As a matter of fact you don't have to prove Me either.
I prove Myself just fine.

Just be you...and you and I will walk this life together.
Me loving you, and you loving Me.
And you create from that space...and you love from that space. Never again comparing yourself and your walk with me to others.
And never again feeling that you have to prove yourself as my daughter.

So no more holding back.

It's that simple.

You are mine.
And I am yours.

Your Papa


These words are resonating and bouncing around in my spirit the last few days.

I had a situation come up where I was wrongly judged and completely misunderstood.
Everything in me wanted to prove myself and my situation.
I could hear myself saying inside... 

"But wait... no that isn't what I was saying. 
Why did you see it that way? Why do you see ME that way?"

It really stung. 

On a day where the weariness of this season hit the fan, and I was a mess.
When all I needed was a friend..someone to remind me that I am going to be o.k. and this season will change.
Instead I think my suffering and pain pressed on something in my friend, and out of them came pat pat answers, and what I need to do...all with an underlying tone of judgement.

Everything in me wanted to come back and shout out..." Wait... how did you get that from what I said? That wasn't what I meant!!"
That's not who I am.

Prove myself. Prove my situation. Prove prove prove.

The temptations of Jesus were the same thing... " If you are the Son of God, then blah blah blah blah.
If you are... if you are... if you are... 
Prove that you are God.
Prove it.
Prove it.
Prove it."
Prove Yourself, Jesus.
And what did Jesus say... " No. I don't have to." (Amy's para-phrase)

So today I let this truth marinade inside.
Just like Jesus answered the accuser.. No, I don't have to prove myself.... 
I answer that same accusation... No, I don't have to prove myself either. 

My life and walk is enough.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beauty around post

Just sharing some of the beauty that surrounds me these days...


Beauty filled day to each of you, lovies!