Friday, June 8, 2012

In the waiting..

Just wanted to share a beautiful letter I received from a site many of you might have heard of called Brave Girls .

It was such a timely note to me last night before I went to bed. Like it in itself was a tiny seed that was thrown into my heart, right before I closed my eyes.
And I awoke this morning with a fresh new sprout of hope poking through the soil of my heart. For this I am so grateful... so very grateful.

Just wanted to share it with you today on this beautiful Friday morning <3

xo Amy


  1. blew my mind. needed. so needed, thank you for sharing this. xo

    1. So so glad, lovie! ((big warm hug))

  2. smiling soooooooooooooo bigg right now
    love this
    thank you
    and so glad the seed has sprouted in you my friend
    so very very glad

    love and light

  3. It's true. I had a crappy, crappy week and then suddenly yesterday the beauty burned my soul. I wrote about it:) It does eventually happen!
    Love to you.

    1. Life does come and life does go. The ebb and the flow.
      it's hard to remember isn't it when we are in the ebb.
      I love the flow part.. lol!

  4. i know you posted this a while ago, but i'm trying to catch up on my bloggy friends. i think God meant me to wait until now to read it though, because it's just what i needed for today. just what i needed. i'm so glad you shared.