Monday, May 7, 2012

Sin, arrows and missing the mark.

Goodmorning, loves..

I was thinking on the word, "sin" this morning.

Probably because yesterday we spent the day with some friend that live here in Colorado, and they are very very evangelical and religious.
They are utterly sweet and so full of grace, but the word, " sin " came up a lot yesterday.
It hit me as funny because I haven't thought of the word, " sin " in a looooong time!

It was a really nice visit, but I am still trying to find my space inside religious conversations. I want to just embrace every person and love them no matter what their religious beliefs are....but my listening entails alot of nodding up and down, and I don't want that to come across as agreeing with them when I don't. lol... ah me!

 Anywho, we got home, got the kids to bed, and my hub, brother, and sister-in-law and I started to chat about our days.
Eventually we got on to the topic of sin.
We all shared what a negative word it had become in our lived because of all of our religious upbringings.
My brother and I being raised evangelical Christians, and my hub and sis-in-law being raised Catholic.

It was a great conversation about religion, politics, love and life.

If I asked you today, what comes to mind when you think of the word sin, what would you say?? 

Words like:

Bad behavior.
Something God hates.
Something I need to deal with and get out of me to be close to God.
Something that keeps God away from me.
God's kryptonite.

It's a really harsh word!

But what's funny is it's true origins come from verbiage that is used in archery.

Sin simply means: to miss the mark.

That's it.

You pulled back your arrow, you shot towards the bulls eye, and you missed it.

Now, what an archer would do, is they would simply re-adjust them self and try again.

Which brings up another word... repent.

Repent simply meaning to turn and walk the other way..

If you use the example of an archer missing the mark, to repent would mean that I am going to adjust myself and try again.

I made a choice that wasn't life producing, I see it, and I make a different one.


Nothing weird. Nothing that repels God. Very simple and so love filled.

It's mind blowing how messed up these words have become by men and their own filters and interpretations.

I honestly don't think God is offended AT ALL by my missing the mark.
Anymore then I am with my own kids.
The God I am getting to know bends down, says, " Come on love, let's get up...let me dust you off, and let's try something different."
And that is that.

I can't remember the last time I said sorry to God for anything that I have done.
Because when I miss the mark it has nothing to do with Him.
To myself.. yes.
To others.. yes.
But to God.. no.

I have found in my walking this journey out with Him that He is fully confident that I am going to figure it out.
God has set into motion some pretty nifty laws that are so present in every human beings life.

~ The law of cause and effect.

~ The law of reaping and sowing.

These laws teach us.

They are there to direct and to guide.

If we could step back and take off all the heaviness of the "sin management to please God and make ourselves clean and except-able so that He will stay with us" message.

If we could realize the truth that God knows us deeply. He knows our humanness.
That He created all of us...our light and our darkness.
That He truly is NOT surprised when I miss the mark.

If we could but realize that He has this whole thing set up to teach and direct us to what is life giving and what is death producing in our lives, to our loved ones, and the world around us...

If we could just step into the simplicity of this, then we would be taught daily what is good for us and what is not.

Being all bound up with the sin message in my own life for so long only caused  my heart harm.
It completely messed up my own internal gauge, and caused me to run to behaviors that were done in secret and were very destructive to myself and my family.

Shame makes it's entrance as well, and there is absolute devastation.
The mean and hurtful words that come from shame about myself, my person, my heart and my intent group me into the same space as words like whore, shit, ugly, dirty, hopeless, useless, selfish, self serving, and without value.

All of that brings no honor to anybody, especially to myself... God's priceless, precious treasure.

It truly devastated me. I think had I not been rescued by God out of all that madness, I would have died. I think I would have killed myself. It would have destroyed me.
My heart breaks for those inside this message still.
The sadness when I am around it, and children that are immersed in it is so overwhelming.
It's hard to be around it at times.

Because what I am learning is that the way of Truth IS the way of Love.

And Love speaks to me that I am lovely. I am good. I am perfect. I am my Papa's shining one...His sparkly Amy who He finds great joy and delight in.

Love reminds me that I am learning. I will make mistakes. I will miss the mark. I will re-adjust and make a different choice.
Truth says that in life, mistakes are going to be made all the time...
To try anything is going to guarantee you that you will make mistakes...and it's ok.
Because that is how we learn.

Isn't that wonderful? I am going to say it again.

Making mistakes is how we learn.

This is the message I am teaching my children. No more shame for them, and making them feel like shit because of a childish mistake or because they didn't know the effect of something and tried it.

In my home we words like mistake, and choices.

And knowing that to try anything most likely will involve mistakes, missing the mark...but it's part of the trying.

I so long for my children to be raised inside this beautiful truth.
I so long for every image bearing child of God to know this.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

How do you view making mistakes?

So much love today... and gratitude for you!


  1. The tears are pouring down my face. this totally totally brought it home for me. Amy, oh Amy..what a messenger you were with this. xoxo

    1. Oh Glynis, my precious friend.. so so glad this brought your heart freedom today. It has been a GREAT truth in my life.. has set me free in ways that I am still realizing! Beautiful you.. thankyou for sharing...


  2. Yes, Loved this. Very true. Love when we go back to the original meanings of words because than I think we see less of religion and more of faith. We approach these issues similarly in our home. I dont think we have ever used the words sin with our kids. Not EVER. Selfishness sometimes and choices but our kids know love can overcome both. What a graced based approach. Loved this!

    1. I hear you, K... using the word of whatever the choice/action is with your kids, and asking them what would be a better choice. Letting natural consequences take effect is such a kinder way to parent. It takes a lot more time to parent without shame then it does to parent with it, but the results are children that know they are loved, and that think for themselves. And THAT right there is what I want my kid's to bring to their adulthood. People who know how to think for themselves, and that understand that EVERY action has a consequence. Love you!

  3. Beautiful. Sin is a word that is no longer in my vocabulary. If I offend someone, I apologize to them. I don't beat myself up about anything. I don't even see anything to call a mistakes, as I see it ALL as good. Life is a learning experience.

    1. Susan, thank you so much for your thoughts and for stopping by!
      I think the freedom offered is so healing to your heart.. the simplicity is amazing! I am so glad you have found this to be true as well!
      Big hug!

  4. Absolutely beautiful!

    1. Thankyou so much for stopping by... <3

  5. ahhhh
    there she is
    it has been a while since you have peached it like this sister and I like LOVE IT!!!!
    so good...all of it, because it come straight from your heart
    that is where our power lies...whether others agree or not, that is not the fact of power...power is held in the truth of our words and the truth of our lives
    so nice to see you in this space again friend

    as far as how to handle those situations with the religious you grow i your practice you will become more brave in the way of practicing infusing your thoughts gently into those kids of conversations. If it matters to you, god with definitely be there to guide your words...sometimes it is just a shift of perspective...we don't need to bash anyone in the head lol
    one step at a time
    and as far as your kids
    you are living proof of this journey Amy, you are showing this to them just by how you are choosing to live everyday
    you are awesome!

    Love and Light

    1. Thankyou, my friend for your love and constant encouragement!
      You said something that reminds me of something my brother said the other day... he said we are all here to love and be truth sayers. It really encouraged me to not shy away. But bathed in love, speak honestly... and of course being sensitive to those that are open. I hate debating, but love conversation. I guess I am always leery to open up a debate.
      Truth sayers are we! muah xo

  6. I wrote an article about this very subject a few months back for our family blog. You know what I love about this? That my heartbeat is not alone in this revelation. I love the fact that much of what you said is exactly what I said! talk about a heart confirmation! Love this one girl. Mahalo for the post. <3

    1. Starla I LOVE that! Same hearbeat of God eh? Love that you are hearing the same thing.. would you send me the link to that? Would love to read it!
      Thankyou for stopping by, love.. means the world to hear your thoughts.

    2. The same heartbeat as HIM!
      I'm glad I stumbled across this post. You words are so encouraging to hear.
      My post address is
      Let me know what ya think. <3

    3. Starla.. thankyou! I have it bookmarked and will be reading this today!
      Loves to you!

  7. Amy

    I read this after seeing the link on FBN. There was something that struck me as very special about it. I was prompted to start reading your blog from the beginning and I soon realised that I was reading a very important story – that sums up so much of what I have been learning over the last eight years or so of what so many people have believed, often as a result of misguided and divisive doctrinal theology.

    I have only got as far as May 2011 where you ask, “How have you found connection outside the 4 walls of religion?” I'm now 76 and have been outside the walls of 'traditional' Christianity for some 40 years. I came to the conclusion many years ago that there is an enormous difference between the Christian FAITH and the Christian RELIGION. Earlier this month I 'finished' writing my 'story' on my blog. My journey has been so different to yours, but you might find it interesting.

    I would have written to you privately if I had an address - my thoughts about RELIGION are so very different – I assume that you have moderation on your blog and will be able to delete this without others seeing it who might not be ready for it. I'd love to follow up some of your thoughts.

    1. Thankyou so much for your kind insights here! I would love your thoughts, as I adore conversation about freedom and life. Your heart is always welcome here! I have moderation on my comments for those weird and off the wall computer bots that come by every so often and put inappropriate comments on my blog.

      It is always a pleasure to me fellow travelers!


  8. wow, this is amazing. i'm reading it feeling so free and just realizing too that i have to be different with my child. thank you :)


  9. It's an interesting thought!
    Missing the aim of beeing concious - that's sin and now I know it )