Friday, April 27, 2012

O. my. gosh.

We did it!

We packed up our home in Arizona, and have moved!

We are here in Colorado, and LOVING it!

We drove into Colorado Springs on Monday evening.. stayed with friends, then unloaded our big truck into a storage unit on Tuesday, then Wednesday we had some appointments, then Wednesday night drove into Lafayette...which is where we are right now!

It's so interesting some of the clarity that comes with actually BEING here..not on vacation, but permanently.  We had initially been so drawn to Colorado Springs area, but now that we are here, we are feeling more drawn to Lafayette. So interesting how the unfolding happens.
We realized this right off the bat. The first day we drove around Colorado Springs...both my hub and I thought the same thing.. ' this area is not matching what is in our hearts.'

Soooo, we are brainstorming a bit, and I made a mad bunch of calls yesterday to schools for the kids. My hub is looking for work now in different areas....which really is a greater radius choosing to live in Lafayette versus the Springs. 
My desire is for us to think outside the box. To see the world as being full of so much potential, and to not step into fear. I don't think creativity flows in fear, but in trust.
Fear totally messes the whole process up. We truly were never meant to live in fear..ever.
I can hear it's whispers tho... that tug to worry and fret.... the thoughts of "what if" creeping in.
I refuse them tho. I canNOT live in that space. Like ever!
I remind myself of this whole journey here... how purposeful I felt everything was laid out... and the unfolding I felt so sure of before we left.

A friend said something this morning that I thought was so true..

"The greatest battle is not physical but psychological. 
The demons telling us to give up when we push ourselves to the limit can never be silenced for good. They must always be answered by the quiet the steady dignity that simply refuses to give in."

The quiet..the steady dignity that simply refuses to give in to those whispers and tugs to worry...yes.

I want to live in that space of trust. of rest. of peace.
Of refusing the whispers and the tugs.
Honestly, I can't hear God in those fear spaces... all I can hear is MY little ego/brain trying to fix stuff while it freaks out... and those ego fixes never pan out very well.

Sooooo.. here we are, lovies! 

Thankyou for checking in on me and sending notes of love and encouragement! 

I adore you, my friends so much!

  More to come....

Love you so much..




  1. I'm so excited for you!!!! xo

  2. Yay so excited!!! I agree. When u said calorado springs all I could think of was focus on the family and tons of traditional Christians which is probably less what you need... I am so glad the other area called you- it sounds so right!!!;) I can't wait to see more pics and hear more thoughts and such. Sqeeee so happy for your leap!

  3. ahhhhhh
    there you are!!!
    I have missed you friend
    and have been thinking about you like crazy!
    I am so excited for you
    this feels so good
    so fresh
    so new life!
    goodness abounds
    enjoy the adventure

    love and light light light

  4. so very, very happy for it! what a great blog post! you did it, Amy! you did it! you're in Colorado. :) i'm so proud of you for making your dream a reality. thanks for sharing that quote, too. i actually really needed that right now. anyway, i'm so excited to follow along as you begin this new and exciting phase of life. :) i love you!!!