Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Little bit of a life update :)

Morning, lovlies :)

We have had some interesting changes to our journey as of late...

It's always so interesting to me when we make our plans, but God directs the steps that we take.

As you know, we are moving to Colorado soon... our hope was that our kids would get to finish up the school year, and we would make the jump May 31st.

WE have been working to buy more time in our home, so as to stay. It is due to foreclose on April 19th.
Just 5 weeks before our initial move date.
So close!
That is a whole 'nother story...we have been in our home for 3 going on 4 years morgage free because we filed bankruptcy after my husband lost his job way back.
His drop in pay was so significant, that we could keep up with the bills any longer.

 We had been looking to see if we could stay with friends or family after the house foreclosed, for that 5 weeks inbetween time, so the kids could finish school. There just hasn't been anybody.
A friend suggested talking with a realtor and seeing if we could short-sale our home, stopping the foreclosure process, so in turn we could stay in our home until our move date.

So we did. We started the whole short-sale process, got a offer on the house, and are now waiting to see if the bank will put the brakes on the foreclosure.

But that isn't the interesting part.

The interesting part is this.

Last week, my hub's boss approached him and told him regretfully they were going to have to cut my hubby's job.
There were some changes that went into affect, and his boss was holding off as long as he could, so that he could keep my hub on until we moved.. but his boss said that he couldn't hold off any longer, and had to let my hubby go.
So he gave him 3 more weeks of work.
And get this... his last day of work is the same week our home is foreclosing... April 19th.

There is a scripture that comes to mind... " I will make my plans, but You direct my steps."

I have never in all my days seen such a blatant direction change from God then this one.
Very clear.
No doubts.
Just a continued re-direction of when we needed to leave.
April 19th.

We tried all the doors.
knocked on this one.
knocked on that one.
jiggled this knob.
jiggled that one.

So, that is a bit of what is going on.... excited and scared and unsure and holding on for dear life is the range of emotions going on.

Kmarie and I talked last week, as I shared what was going on before we knew Bobby (my hub) was going to lose his job. I told her, it feels like the same emotions I felt when I was getting married.

Just lots of up and down emotions.

Getting ready for take off....yeeks and smiles all wrapped up into one :)

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  1. Your attitude is amazing!!! I'd be a complete mess. Still, despite all the breathholdingness of this, it feels exciting to me. xoxoxo

    1. G.... I know right! I am a mess on some days.. yesterday WAS one of them.
      Just learning be kind to myself on those days. I have been way way too mean to myself when I am "doing it" right. ugh.
      But it was a good day to feel and cry and escape into a book yesterday.
      Weeeeeeee.... lol! The rollercoaster is going and I am hangin' on for dear life!
      xoxo to you!

  2. sending love, dearest...
    what an adventure. with such clear guidance, you know this is gonna be good. :) hang in there. xo.

    1. Thankyou, sweets for your thoughts... muah!

  3. I think this sounds "right." When you were talking to me I felt that you needed to leave then too...kids are resilient for school- you can supplement learning in your travels and get them involved in the process. I am learning to let go of timing too and that sometimes change needs to happen before we are completely ready:) It's bittersweet though. I can't imagine all you are going through! I wish I could help you pack!:)

    1. Thankyou, K! For that day and listening... so interesting you felt that ;)
      Intuitive momma you!
      It's a really wild ride emotionally...but just reminding myself that I am ok. I am not alone. That it's ok to be scared and unsure. To let myself ride the waves of emotion, that they will eb and flow. It's wild!
      I did get myself some chocolate today tho.. ha ha ha ha!
      sigh... muah!
      Thankyou, love!

  4. wow friend
    love how this has all worked for you
    yup very clear indeed!

    love and light

    1. LOVES and thankyou for the light, lovie!


  5. {pause}
    I send you calm and rest.
    I love that you can anchor into the knowing that this date is right. So, no matter the chaos you can rest assured.

    1. Janae, thankyou so much for stopping by my little space here...
      Rest and trust has been the space that equals no stress and fear.
      Learning to live there :) Some days are better then others. I feel lika a little toddler in these new areas and these new ways of living.
      Loves to you!

  6. O I can so relate to excited and scared and unsure and holding on for dear life. We just moved rather unexpectedely (as in sooner than we had hoped) and let me tell you, getting that place of knowing what is going to happen is so much better than waiting in the unknown. We are settled in now, and could not be happier. Life is good. I hope that you move goes smoothly, all the loose ends take up so mcuh time!