Friday, March 16, 2012


 photo credit Boho

Journeying towards and into more and more wholeness... one of the areas I am learning to love myself in is in the area of my body and my food intake.

I really could care less about skinny anymore.
What I want is so much bigger then just pursuing the lie that skinny = happy.
Because I can tell your right now, from somebody that has achieved skinny many many times...skinny does NOT = happy.
No place, or weight or any amount of food or job or person = happy.

The last time I achieved skinny was really quite a eye opening experience for me in this department.
I was befuddled and bewildered that I was within 6 lbs of my goal weight, and was so unhappy and more depressed then I had been at my highest weight.

Now I am back up to where I had begun...a bit fluffy again, and I can tell you now a truth that I see so clearly now..

The only person that can make you happy is you.


Inside you and being at peace with you = happy.

And realizing this new truth, I am learning to love my body NOW where it is at.
Fluffy, extra curvy and all. :)

I am learning to look at myself in the mirror and love me.
Speak kindly to myself.
Offer myself compassion on those hard days, and lavish love always.

Now my perspective is not achieving skinny or a particular weight.
Now I want wholeness and health my body. my perception of my body and image. how I view food and my relationship with food.

Whatever that looks like, at whatever size.

I wanted to share this article that I thought was so perfect for me today....

It's from a new blog I have stumbled upon by Beverley Aron.

Just click on the title below to partake <3


Beauty up close

Would love your thoughts on it after you have read and digested..


  1. I loved this post and I loved the post you linked to. I had my hubby read them because he is an emotional overeater. The words " stay" brought tears to my eyes, the whole message did even though my vices are not in that area, it fit. Thank you for sharing this xoxoxoxo

  2. beautiful perfection
    I love that
    is there anything better than staying with ourselves through those challenges?
    what kind of love does that show?
    beautiful, abandon, unconditional love...
    and when it is poured on to us we can pour it onto others
    there is nothing more pure that that
    as always
    I love your heart
    I love your perspective
    don't change who you are

    love and light
    your friend returning from another world♥

  3. I can't find your email addy. I actually need your box number but with your move I am wondering if my letter will even get there on time? I sent one to Rain about three weeks or four weeks ago and it is still not there. Any suggestions as I have a envelope waiting for you:)