Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Music loves... What About Me??

I wanted to share something wonderful that I have found.

I am such an inspiration junkie... always searching and seeking it out.

I happened upon a really amazing musical/spiritual inspiration project by two English men called What About Me? by their company called One Giant Leap.

Here is a little trailer of their project...

Basically what they have done is gone to 50 different countries, and found the musicians and vocalists of each of these countries.

With a specific topic in mind, they present these musicians/vocalists with a particular melody, or drum beat..

Just something simple, and ask each person to add to it.... that person's own heart music to the melody.
And they layer and layer and layer each piece.
It's quite amazing!

It's all improvisation. Straight from each artists heart song after they are exposed to what the previous artists have added before them..... :)

One song can have 7 or more different countries that have contributed towards one song.

How beautiful is that?

It is absolutely incredible!

This is one of my favorites from the project.... 

Each Step Moves Us On.

and also I love love this one... Come to the Edge.

The collaboration is simply amazing!

Brings me to tears and goosebumps!

The topics that the project covers are all universal to every human being.

So each song is unique to the musicians that have collaborated together on it.
They have all been told what the specific topic is to the song they are adding to, and then they play or sing according to the what they are feeling and flowing at that moment.

Included with the music are excerpts from different spiritual teachers and inspirational thinkers of our day, as well as regular everyday people that are asked questions about love, life, relationships, sex, anger.. whatever the topic is.

50 different countries are represented!

I guess this was an actual documentary that was aired each week in the U.K.

They have excerpts of each episode on their youtube channel :)
And of course you can purchase the music!

Just wanted to share! It is just so beautiful the unity and unique voice of each country and village.

Have a beautiful Monday, loves!

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