Thursday, March 29, 2012

And so she danced….


And So She Danced

And so she danced, through the fear and through the pain
Innocence upon her face again she twirled into the rain

And so she held, heartache now healed, safe arms for her to claim
He held her even tighter, he held her in the rain

She lay upon the sand, the water danced upon her skin
He kissed the softness of her self and held her once again

Sand between her toes the shore that saw their love
He took her there on the beach, the moon witnessed from above

And there upon the sand, her arms stretched above her head
He held her hands in his and promised every word he said

A kiss upon each eye, your tears are washed away
Her cries washed into the water on that beach where she lay

And so she danced, deeper into the silence of the blue
And as she called your name she knew you felt it too

He carried from those waters and promised all is right
And taking her once again, he held her through the night

She held her breath and ran her hands, through the wetness of the sand
A gentle kiss upon her lips, he gently took her hand

His body moved with hers, his eyes led her to a trance
And beneath the stars, within the ocean, she danced, she danced.

~ by Rebecca K. Hetter


  1. Love it. Makes me want my hubby home;) in fact I picture him as he often kisses my years away and makes me laugh at life;)

    1. Loved the picture of this woman.. I read the description from the her and she was 3 months pregnant. So interesting that I was drawn to this picture not even knowing that. I feel so pregnant with what is coming in our next season and chapter of life. Love that she is dancing with new life inside <3

      It's funny that in the midst of all this craziness and change that God has started to romance me. I was thinking of my Lover when I read this. It's really interesting. I haven't had this in my journey with God EVER! Seriously.. I used to think it was so hokey to hear women talk about God and romance all together. It's intense the love and trust He is bringing me into.

      Love you, K! Love your thoughts always!

  2. I came back to read this about 5 times or more today. I loved it that much.
    It inspired my blog post and I needed inspiration. Thank you for sharing this wonderful healing poem. THIS is what it's all about. Wow, did I love this. xoxo

    1. Oh Glynis, I love kindred loves like this... it spoke so much to me too!!
      I love it with the picture...such beauty and wholeness