Friday, January 13, 2012

Value and love


Some more heart rumblings...

When I stop defining myself and my value in what people say, and I realize the infinite Truth, that I am completely loved and totally valuable by the Divine..period...always and forever.
I begin to live in a love that is so transforming that it changes everything about my world view, and how I view the people around me.

I can live life authentic and real.
Unafraid to show my face and the heart of who I am no matter what judgements or criticisms are thrown my way.
Because the judgements and criticisms are just people's opinions, it isn't the truth of me or my definition.

I may hear their words and see their un-approving faces, but they fall off me like water trickles down the feathers of a duck.
People's opinions don't define me anymore, because I am loved and I am valuable by a Love that moves mountains and creates seas and skies.

I can offer my fellow man unconditional love with no strings attached and no value seeking.
I can offer love with full acceptance and no judgement because I can now SEE and I now realize that you too are loved and you too are valuable because you are also the Divine's beloved.

We all bear the image of God.
We all are the apple of His eye.
We all are valuable.
We all are desperately and completely loved.

I want to live in this space today. Parts of me have come into this revelation of love and value, other parts are "in process" ;)



  1. I love this. I agree. This is how I feel too:)

  2. you are gorgeous!!!
    everything about you so valuable

    speak your heart friend
    speak it

    Love and Light