Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday shares :)

Happy Sunday... :)

Wanted to share some inspirational love this morning..

~ Loved this blog post from Kelle Hampton... my goodness it was perfect as I venture into a new season myself   Little changes... Good changes 

~ Made PW's Apple Fritters for my lovies yesterday and they were so yum! TWO thumbs up from the Scroggs' chillins ;)

~ Favorite quote this week....  

"Today you are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you."
Dr. Suess

~ Which leads me to a really powerful "ah ha" moment that started clicking after I read Kmarie's post, who shared some wisdom from Cat... who said this... 
"All those things you find a burden in your person, in your "make-up, in your "wiring", are in fact the very things that bring you closer to your Sacred Gifts. The time has come to fully embrace those things, to see them as friends, not foes, to look at them through God's eyes. Your Asperger's is the gift. These "challenges" of the flesh are exactly what keeps you in The Spirit. In the sense that if there was not these challenges, would you have sought out the real face of God as you have? Would it even be as important to you, to know God as you do? 
This Gift give you the gifts of insight, compassion, vulnerability, simplicity. With a shift of perspective these gifts...and many more will come forth and flourish. The Divine will be there to help you do this, make this shift of perspective about these struggles, these challenges. Because when we fully embrace all that is within us, even that which we find hard, Love and Light come to fullness...God shines through us even brighter, bigger, with more impact on those around us.
Just ask and help will come."

I actually saved this and have been reading it over and over again because of how hard it hit me. Blog post so totally coming on this topic!
Yeesh! What would I do without you girlies??!!

~ I really really really loved this song.. I hadn't heard it in so long.. really just brought sweet peace to my heart this morning.

It's Gonna Be Alright by Sara Groves.

~ And I am loving this picture...nature inspires me so much, and I love how these little green plants look like stars and jellyfish all at the same time... jellystars?? ;)
I took this last year...can't wait to get out again with my camera buddy and capture more beauty.

 Hope you are having a gorgeous Sunday... muah!




  1. love this, Amy. :) Cat's quote really was inspiring, wasn't it? So much there to chew on. so much wisdom there. and that's one of my favorite Sara Groves' songs! another favorite is "remember surrender". have you heard that one? you should. anyway. i love you, sweet friend. :)

    1. O my goodness.. it was SO inspiring!! I adore that song so much too, Rae... Remember Surrender.. yes! Another of Sara's is Less Like Scars. Have you heard that one?? soooo good!!

      Love you!



      This one Rae!

  2. AW I loved this! I commented back to you! So glad Cat's comment hit you! Me too! I started a whole new asperger's blog cuz of that:
    Share it on facebook if you like:)
    I love this song! I think I am going to buy it on Itunes:)
    This post was so inspiring! I can't wait to hear more!!!!

    1. I am loving your new blog! what a fantastic resource and encouragement to others on the same path!! O my gosh.. absolutely inspiring!!



  3. feeling your joy here sister
    Life is to celebrated!
    and YES
    it is going to be alright...for all of us!!!!

    Love and Light

    1. Thankyou for your shiny sparkly light, Cat.. and for opening your heart and sharing your wisdom! xo Amy