Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's alot easier...

It's a lot easier, (tho it be a temporary "easy"), to live your life according to what others say you are, what you should be and what you should believe, then it is to actually go out and do the heart work to find out for yourself.

Not pointing any fingers here, I am talking about myself.
Some challenges and truths I have in my heart lately.

Not many want to do the work, so they survive life in a numbed state of half alive and totally asleep.
They walk around numb constantly shoving down their true heart and potential for a life of counterfeit.
Settling for little tastes of ecstasy and fleeting moments, rather then a life filled with authentic joy and peace.
I don't blame them, it's hard.
It's painful the stuff you have to look at and walk through to get to where your heart is leading you.
Our culture shouts constantly to us that if we are anything but happy happy all the time, then something is wrong with us.
I so get it.

But it's worth it.

We were created to live life being lead by the Divine by way of our hearts.
We talk about God living in us.
He says He will never leave us.
Well, where do you think He resides?

It's in our DNA to be lead here.
Science has even found this to be true. (

If we choose to ignore the heart, it will not go away, it will only get louder.
It will continue to remind you that you are so much more then the counterfeit life you are choosing to live.
It will continue to remind you of Divine desires and dreams, that your mind can't comprehend or know how to make happen.
It won't stop.
It will continue to make noises and throw up signals that will only get louder and louder because IT knows what you were created to be, and what flows from you naturally.

It knows that you were created to be lead by IT, and not your ego/brain.
It knows that your best life can only accessed through following it, and living in your true self, the person that God created you to be...not these story versions of you. Or the counterfeit versions of you.

And if we don't listen and respond, then the stakes will only get higher and higher... so much so that if you continue to choose to ignore it, the numbing and medicating to shut it up will have to get stronger and stronger.

Ever wonder why in America depression, anxiety and suicide rates are at a all time high?
Ever wonder why addiction happens?
We were not designed to find joy and peace in material gain or position.
It goes far deeper then that, but is really quite simple at the same time.

Just something to think about.

It's a question i bring to myself a lot.

Am I living my best life or am I settling for a counterfeit?
Am I being what I am told to be, or living according to the design of my heart?

I want to have all that Life has to offer.
Life abundantly. Life to the fullest.



  1. This post hit me! Really really hit me hard. The question is with a mortgage and homes not selling and a want to downsize but impossibility to - what do you do? When the world asks for qualifications but hubby can't afford school and they won't accept learning as u go and your limited to the positions he hates in life - what do you do? When you pray and pray for answers and none come?
    These are just questions practically. I agree with the above and most times I have peace and inspiration but I do feel like there could be something both mote and less ....
    Loved this!

    1. I sooooo hear you, K... those are really raw and real questions.
      We are in the same space and trusting that this truth is true, and as we follow our heart, that those things that need to unfold will unfold.

      A few years back, we had to file bankruptcy. It was a really hard decision to come to, but being as our home was upside down in a terrible way, and us not being able to pay our bills anymore, we made the decision to file... and we didn't have to throw our home in there, but we felt so strongly to do so. Now we here from so many people who are are short selling, and foreclosing because of how freaking terrible the market is. People having having a $2000 mortgage and neighbors who are paying $600. Or the same house selling for 1/4 of what is owed on their home. People more and more are being advised to walk away. It's a hard choice, and I know every situation is different... but it is something that we felt very strongly to do ourselves.

      My hub and I had a interesting conversation with my brother who has some really cool perspectives..and one of the things that he said is that the whole "get a education/degree so that you can make more money" is so upside down to what education used to be and what it should be. He was saying there is a HUGE movement right now to go back to trade schools and going to school for the love of learning, as opposed to the system of more and bigger. I also watched a documentary called, " I AM", that was really very interesting and along the same lines of what we are talking about. The question that my hub and I are talking about, now that we are finding out just what our own hearts are leading us too is, " How simplified are we willing to go for these dreams and desires?"
      Because, girl, I have realized that my heart's desire is to be a say at home mom who sometimes works and does side jobs, as opposed to a working mom. You know? There is a BIG difference and the world screams that to be home is unacceptable. But it's what's in OUR hearts, and what works for OUR family. Me working isn't working for us. Internally I am dying, and our family has been so off balance. So much so that my son has recently been having massive anxiety and panic attacks... I have been fighting to keep my head above water, constantly checking my perspective and keeping positive, reading and listening to positive authors, being quiet..but in all that I am crumbling. I can't stop crying, I am having anxiety whenever I have to go back to work, I leave whenever I can from work and go home for as long as I can before I have to head back to work. It's gotten terrible. I am fighting against myself and my heart. Striving with me...because my heart's desire is to be home. Hashing this out with my hub, me being Ms. Push through, and him speaking truth, and how this isn't working for us... I gave my notice last MOnday...and just doing that I feel like I can breathe again. Like I have been holding my breath under water. So interesting when we are honest with ourselves, isn't it?

      Anyways...We are in the same space, girl. That's what I wanted to email you about. I have been so drawn to you lately.. I think about you and wonder how you are. You and Cat have been so on my mind, and I don't look past that stuff anymore. I know that it's a heart leading thing.

      One thing that I am starting to see tho is that the way of the heart is very seldom logical and realistic. It's not in getting lots of opinions, but it's in the quiet of listening and being and following.

  2. It is SOOOOOO worth it friend
    so very very worth is

    Socrates said "To move the world we must move ourselves"

    love and light