Monday, January 23, 2012

New Moon

I have been so drawn to the moon lately… seriously have always enjoyed it, but the past couple months I have been intensely drawn to it.
I took this picture on New Years Eve… the last moon of 2011 : )


I did a little bit of research and it is actually called a Waning Moon.
And a waning moon is symbolic of letting go, surrender, release, quiet time, contemplation, and a time of incubation.
Thought that was soooo interesting!

Then I was asked to photograph a business event and the theme of the party was... you guessed it... Shooting for the stars.. but look what was there!

I had to take a pic and show you!

Then today, I noticed from a friends post that TODAY is the first New Moon of 2012.
I did not take this picture, but found it absolutely inspiring.
New Moon

The New Moon is symbolic of new beginnings, a fresh start, rebirth.
Could NOT think of a more wonderful symbol and reminder of this new season…sigh.
Isn’t it cool how God speaks through so many vehicles?.:)
And just because I love this song so much… I have to share it!
It fits <3

Brother Moon by Gungor

Brother Moon by Gungor
Brother moon
Shine down your light on us tonight
Show us the love of God
Sister sun you bring out the day
You're shining the light of God on your face today
Maker of it all
You provide it all
In You we live
In You we move
In You we have our being
You're glorious
You're holding us together all together
Brother wind your clouds and your storms
You're breathing the breath of God in your lungs for us
Mother earth, you're giving us life with God's open hand you always provide
For us
Maker of it all
You provide it all
In You we live
In You we move
In You we have our being
You're glorious
You're holding us together all together
You are everything good, you are everything beautiful
You are everything, you're everything

Here’s to new beginnings and new seasons, lovies!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday shares :)

Happy Sunday... :)

Wanted to share some inspirational love this morning..

~ Loved this blog post from Kelle Hampton... my goodness it was perfect as I venture into a new season myself   Little changes... Good changes 

~ Made PW's Apple Fritters for my lovies yesterday and they were so yum! TWO thumbs up from the Scroggs' chillins ;)

~ Favorite quote this week....  

"Today you are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you."
Dr. Suess

~ Which leads me to a really powerful "ah ha" moment that started clicking after I read Kmarie's post, who shared some wisdom from Cat... who said this... 
"All those things you find a burden in your person, in your "make-up, in your "wiring", are in fact the very things that bring you closer to your Sacred Gifts. The time has come to fully embrace those things, to see them as friends, not foes, to look at them through God's eyes. Your Asperger's is the gift. These "challenges" of the flesh are exactly what keeps you in The Spirit. In the sense that if there was not these challenges, would you have sought out the real face of God as you have? Would it even be as important to you, to know God as you do? 
This Gift give you the gifts of insight, compassion, vulnerability, simplicity. With a shift of perspective these gifts...and many more will come forth and flourish. The Divine will be there to help you do this, make this shift of perspective about these struggles, these challenges. Because when we fully embrace all that is within us, even that which we find hard, Love and Light come to fullness...God shines through us even brighter, bigger, with more impact on those around us.
Just ask and help will come."

I actually saved this and have been reading it over and over again because of how hard it hit me. Blog post so totally coming on this topic!
Yeesh! What would I do without you girlies??!!

~ I really really really loved this song.. I hadn't heard it in so long.. really just brought sweet peace to my heart this morning.

It's Gonna Be Alright by Sara Groves.

~ And I am loving this picture...nature inspires me so much, and I love how these little green plants look like stars and jellyfish all at the same time... jellystars?? ;)
I took this last year...can't wait to get out again with my camera buddy and capture more beauty.

 Hope you are having a gorgeous Sunday... muah!



Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quote lovin :)

“Forgiveness is having given up all hope of having had a better past.”

― Anne Lamott 
xo Amy

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cultivating peace

Cultivating peace.

How in the world can I cultivate peace?
In me.
In my home.

I have lost it.
In this season I have lost my peace in a really hard and terrible way.
I am on a mission to restore it to myself and my therefore to my little family.

Life is such a mystery to me.
The balance of the hard things that we need to do, and the things that are not for us is a really hard one for me to decipher.
It's so so difficult to know what is just life stuff and what is the leading of the heart.

Suffering has a really great way of teaching us tho.
The uncomfortable space we stay in when we need to move or turn or kick it in high gear.
It's a great teacher when you are like me, and don't know what the hell your heart sounds like.


Send out some good thoughts and prayer for me this week.
I am pushing through the last week at my job.
It's just really hard for me to go in with everybodies sad faces or grumpy attitudes because I am leaving.
I am very much trying to just go with my head held high knowing that I am doing what is best for myself and my family.

Sometimes the choices we have to make to restore peace are hard ones.
And people don't like those choices because they don't work for them.
But they work for me. and my family.

I am so desperate for peace again.



Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sing Winter | Jonathan & Melissa Helser

Sing Winter...

Was thinking of my friend Cat this morning, and this song came to me after reading her most recent post.

Hope this lifts you today!

Sing Winter

Hear the snowflakes falling, winter's calling my name.

The silent song she's singing, what's she trying to say

Can I fall like glory, to wash your year away

All that remains was, really meant to stay

Come and clothe me winter, I really need a change

With silent redemption, cover me in grace

Hear the song of beauty, melodies and sounds

Cover you in white love, a joy you lost but now you found

Sing, sing, winter, sing me your silent song.



Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's alot easier...

It's a lot easier, (tho it be a temporary "easy"), to live your life according to what others say you are, what you should be and what you should believe, then it is to actually go out and do the heart work to find out for yourself.

Not pointing any fingers here, I am talking about myself.
Some challenges and truths I have in my heart lately.

Not many want to do the work, so they survive life in a numbed state of half alive and totally asleep.
They walk around numb constantly shoving down their true heart and potential for a life of counterfeit.
Settling for little tastes of ecstasy and fleeting moments, rather then a life filled with authentic joy and peace.
I don't blame them, it's hard.
It's painful the stuff you have to look at and walk through to get to where your heart is leading you.
Our culture shouts constantly to us that if we are anything but happy happy all the time, then something is wrong with us.
I so get it.

But it's worth it.

We were created to live life being lead by the Divine by way of our hearts.
We talk about God living in us.
He says He will never leave us.
Well, where do you think He resides?

It's in our DNA to be lead here.
Science has even found this to be true. (

If we choose to ignore the heart, it will not go away, it will only get louder.
It will continue to remind you that you are so much more then the counterfeit life you are choosing to live.
It will continue to remind you of Divine desires and dreams, that your mind can't comprehend or know how to make happen.
It won't stop.
It will continue to make noises and throw up signals that will only get louder and louder because IT knows what you were created to be, and what flows from you naturally.

It knows that you were created to be lead by IT, and not your ego/brain.
It knows that your best life can only accessed through following it, and living in your true self, the person that God created you to be...not these story versions of you. Or the counterfeit versions of you.

And if we don't listen and respond, then the stakes will only get higher and higher... so much so that if you continue to choose to ignore it, the numbing and medicating to shut it up will have to get stronger and stronger.

Ever wonder why in America depression, anxiety and suicide rates are at a all time high?
Ever wonder why addiction happens?
We were not designed to find joy and peace in material gain or position.
It goes far deeper then that, but is really quite simple at the same time.

Just something to think about.

It's a question i bring to myself a lot.

Am I living my best life or am I settling for a counterfeit?
Am I being what I am told to be, or living according to the design of my heart?

I want to have all that Life has to offer.
Life abundantly. Life to the fullest.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Value and love


Some more heart rumblings...

When I stop defining myself and my value in what people say, and I realize the infinite Truth, that I am completely loved and totally valuable by the Divine..period...always and forever.
I begin to live in a love that is so transforming that it changes everything about my world view, and how I view the people around me.

I can live life authentic and real.
Unafraid to show my face and the heart of who I am no matter what judgements or criticisms are thrown my way.
Because the judgements and criticisms are just people's opinions, it isn't the truth of me or my definition.

I may hear their words and see their un-approving faces, but they fall off me like water trickles down the feathers of a duck.
People's opinions don't define me anymore, because I am loved and I am valuable by a Love that moves mountains and creates seas and skies.

I can offer my fellow man unconditional love with no strings attached and no value seeking.
I can offer love with full acceptance and no judgement because I can now SEE and I now realize that you too are loved and you too are valuable because you are also the Divine's beloved.

We all bear the image of God.
We all are the apple of His eye.
We all are valuable.
We all are desperately and completely loved.

I want to live in this space today. Parts of me have come into this revelation of love and value, other parts are "in process" ;)


Thursday, January 12, 2012


Just an observation.
I used to think that with friends surrounding me, I would never have to walk my journey alone...the good parts and the hard.
But having walked some pretty intense paths in my journey, I have come to know a new truth.
Only I am on my path that God and I are trudging and hashing out.
You might be on your path.
And our paths might be along side each other for a bit.
But really.
You are on your path.
I am on mine.

We are both alone.

This answers a big question for me of why I have felt so alone being surrounded by big communities of people.
Also why I feel alone being surrounded by none.

The truth is.

We might walk by each other, but our paths will always be separate.
Because you are you.
And I am me.
And that is ok.
My expectations have changed when it comes to people. 
I am blessed when I have you, and we walk for a bit by each other, but I release you to be and go where God is leading your heart to go.