Friday, September 2, 2011


Sometimes I don't want to catch anybody up.
Sometimes I just want to be known.
Sometimes I just want to not be judged, but simply loved where I am at.
Sometimes relationships and all that my mind thinks they entail are so hard for me.
Sometimes I long for connection in the most intense and deep way, but am deathly afraid of it at the same time.
Sometimes I just want to be quiet and completely immerse myself in things that are real and authentic.
Sometimes media can absolutely overwhelm me and make me cry.
Sometimes I have to go away and not be a part of the chaos of technology and be with me and those that I love.
Sometimes I get so sick and tired of obligations that intertwine themselves in everything.
Sometimes I wish I could shut up the voices in my head that constantly chatter about things that are not important.
Sometimes I wish I could just know what the next 3 steps are in front of me instead of just darkness.
Sometimes trust and surrender is all I have in front of me.
Sometimes I think way too much about what people think of me, then what I think of me.
Sometimes I think way too much about people in general.
Sometimes I wish I could get to the place where I just didn't give a care, and stay there in that place forever.
Sometimes life is hard.
Sometimes seasons of winter can feel eternal, even tho I know they are not.

And sometimes the sun comes up and kisses my face... it reminds me of things to come.



  1. I feel the same way most times.

  2. Sometimes I don't want to catch anybody up. too. And in many ways, this is why it's hard for me to find people I feel safe with nowadays, as in meeting new friends. I have many acquaintances but for those who want to be friends there's so much I'd have to "catch them up" with in my life...if only more people were willing to just start now and let things unfold naturally over time.

    Just be, dear Amy. Give yourself permission. And don't let anyone take that liberty away from you. Just be.

  3. i feel you. totally. it hurts sometimes, yeah? i wish i had something useful and encouraging to say...but i find myself in the same place right now. *sits with you quietly* i love you, Amy.

  4. I love the sun up and kisses days! I hope and pray that you have many of them in a row!

    Hugs and love;

  5. you are loved!

    love and light