Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thankyou.. and practicing stillness

Good Morning, lovlies!

I just wanted to say a great big thankyou for your love and thoughtful responses to my work post and to the letter from God post....

I am so completely honored each time anybody stops by and actually takes the time to share a piece of their heart here....

Wanted to tell you I start work today... after my post a couple weeks ago, I started to work on a few things in my life.
Areas that I know I need to cultivate more just simply because I want the life that they bring.

I have started to practice taking some purposeful and intentional time to be still.
Just taking time to hang with God, and just be.
No Bible reading.. no talking.. just hanging with Him, and being present.
I guess some would call this meditation... but I just call it my Papa time.
The word meditation still creeps me out.. ha!
But I am starting to see the power of living IN the today.. how just taking time to breath and say His name for 5..maybe 10 minutes before the start of the day.

It has really brought me so much life and refreshing to do this.
Me and my lil' cup o' love (coffee) :)

Yesterday that is where that letter came from.

Not the actual stillness time, but in my day, I could so feel and hear His heart towards me..
Just resonating as I loved on my son, and readyed myself for going back to work.
Just knowing that all I have, and need is sufficient for today.
I don't have to worry about anything else....just knowing that He is with me, that I am enough, and that grace is here, always with me... in this moment.

So, today is the day... and I have to tell you I am excited to see what this day brings...

Just a wanted to share a bit more, and say thankyou!

Love and freedom and grace and stillness to you today....



  1. Love this. Practicing stillnes is something I should probably work on. I understand your feelings about the word meditation. :P but...I think it all lines up with up with the admonition to "be still and know." I've been thinking about you a ton today. I'm looking forward to hearing about your first day. Much love to you!


  2. (thought I commented but apparently not)

    love to you my friend on this your amazing journey
    love and light