Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Letters from Papa {Gifts}

Dear Amy,

Any gift I give you is for you. If you choose to share it, it is up to you.
But always remember it's firstly for you and your heart to enjoy.

Religion will pry it out of your hands, and demand your gift of you.
Religion will tell you that you HAVE to give your gift to them and to NOT give your gift is displeasing to Me.
Religion will obligate you and it will use you.
It will wrap your gift around you and tie it to your value and your worth.
Religion will keep you trapped inside a box with a ceiling, and tell you your gift is only good inside their box.
It will use shame, and the fear of Me to keep you locked inside their box.

This is not the Way of Love.

These are lies.

This is NOT My heart.

You are loved because You are mine.
You have value and worth because You are mine.
You are the daughter of Yaweh... the One True God.
Nothing you ever do or gift given is tied to that.
Nothing you ever do or gift given can change that.
It just is.

Be free to enjoy My gift to you, but never believe the lies of religion.
You sharing your gift out of your heart is NOT a pre-requisite of My love or of your value.
It's your gift to share.
I love you for you.

There is a treasure of joy I have hidden inside of the sharing, and that too is designed to bring life to your heart.
But the sharing has to come from the overflow of your enjoyment of this gift...the overflow of your heart.
It cannot be demanded or guilt'ed or fear'ed out of you.
Should you choose to share this gift, let it come from the pure enjoyment of it.

It was freely given to you with all My love.... so you freely love it, enjoy it, and be filled by it.

It's My love gift to you.

Share it if you want, but remember it is My gift to you first.

Crazy in love with you,


  1. Religion will also trick you into believing that you have to give this gift back to Me...why would I give you something only to demand it back???
    Is that what a loving Papa would do?

    mmmm I loved this post
    I drink it in
    going to read it again
    and again
    and again

    love you

    love and light

  2. yup
    equally as good the second time around...
    though this time I smiled and laughed
    first round there were tears....
    wonder what happens the third time????


  3. okay third time brought more tears
    along with a smile
    : )

    ♥ u

    love and light

  4. :) this is beautiful, Amy. i love my Daddy-God. isn't He awesome?

  5. I love this post. It spoke deeply to my heart. It is so touching, freeing and full of grace and redemption. Thank you so much writing it:) LOVE IT. Love your gifts that you shared without even realizing it!