Friday, July 1, 2011

New directions with food....

Hi loves..

I posted over on my Choosing Freedom blog...not one that I have talked about, but it's a very real area for me... the area of food.

If you are at all curious or interesting... just click here to read more!

Oh.. and I saw this today... made me smile :)

Love the... " You were created limitless." part :)

hugs and loves...



  1. enjoyed reading your post on your choosing freedom blog. you are inspiring. <3 i haven't had that particular struggle, but i know what addiction is like, and i know how painful and hard it is. but i know that freedom and recovery are beautiful things. keep on keeping on. <3 and i love the little quote you shared here. i needed that reminder today. thank you. :)

  2. Oh my!!! Amy, I am so glad to have finally found you again! I was so sad to see you leave me on Facebook. I have been trying to find your Choosing Freedom blog for months and it kept popping up as 'not available' was sad to me!!! but I am over joyed to have found you again!!! It took me google searching your name but I did for me to jump over to the link for Choosing Freedom and see if it works!!! MUCH HUGS TO YOU!!!!!