Thursday, July 7, 2011

These are your people :)

What is love?

The definition that I have learned is:

I love you as long as you make me feel ok, and you abide by my rules of what normal is and what I deem is ok, then I will love you.
But should you change, well.. the whole deal is off.
I will withdraw my love until you get back in line.

That is how I learned love.
Those might not have been the words spoken about the definition of love, but they sure were the actions.

I am learning different tho.
Love isn't about how you can make me feel better about myself, it's you and I embracing each other's hearts as is.
Love doesn't make you change so that I can feel better about me.

I am so grateful for these defining moments... I have known for so long that I didn't know love, but I am starting to see it more and more.
I have asked God so many times lately to show me, to bring it to my attention...
And the one definition is that love isn't selfish.

This post by Christine was powerful... it was really powerful.
I have it bookmarked and have read it so many times today.

This definition of love was so good....

"The people who are your people love you because of you and they wouldn’t have it any other way. They embrace your dark places – they allow them to be what they are – they even celebrate them. – They don’t see your changing as a threat – they welcome it as an opportunity for growth. They give you space for your heart and mind to expand.

These are your people."

<3 <3 <3



  1. Oh I love this! i wish I would have read it yesterday as it goes with my kindness post...I think I will still link you in a post edit. I always love your thoughts! Thanks for solidifying my stance in beliefs:)

  2. i read your definition of love, and i realized with a sinking heart that i don't think many people love me that way. :/ i feel like i've been changing and growing with mind and heart expanding a lot recently, but no one in my immediate life has seen that as a positive thing. therefore it has just been another opportunity for me to feel shame, to feel isolated, to feel "not good enough".

    and celebrate my dark places? definitely not. my dark places are avoided and not talked about--which is probably partially my fault, but only because i feel i cannot talk about them.

    anyway...didn't mean to make this a "woe is me" comment. it was just kind of a disappointed realization. and it makes me even more thankful for other people in my life--many times just people like you, whom i've met over blogging or whatnot!--that do welcome change, etc. they make me feel loved. also, i will continue to ponder this definition and see if it lines up with how *i* love others. i want to be a part of a "these are my people" group.

  3. I love the definition of love that concludes your awesome!

    I am glad to call you one of my people and vice versa!

  4. awesome!!!

    I love you!

    love and light

  5. i love that...celebrate your dark places. you know that everything beautiful comes from dark places... life itself comes from dark places...babe in womb, seed tucked away in the earth. both are rooted in darkness and reach for light...