Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quote love...

“Live in a space of letting go.” –Oprah


  1. Please say a little prayer for me. I didn't quit facebook but did reduce my friends list from 300 to 30 (at least 1/2 of whom are family). Many were "church friends" so I struggle with what they might think of my decision. Here is the message I sent to my church friends and others:

    Wanted to personally let you know I have decided today to remove all friends from facebook and will only remain connected to family. I waste too much time on facebook and find it addictive. I don't want to waste my life. Please feel free to keep in touch via email paulajean95@yahoo.com or call.


  2. it's funny...i really needed to read this tonight.

  3. mmmmm
    it's good

    how are you friend?
    good here...love this truth

    love and light