Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weekend love < 3

Hi friends!

Hoping you had a really nice weekend... I know it's Wednesday, but it's finally taken me this looong to get to this weekend post!

My hub celebrated his 46th Bday this past weekend, and his wish was to get the heck out of dodge!
So we did!
Just wanted to share some pics with you.


We went on tons and tons of walks....


Just taking in all the mountain beauty around us.


Completely heart filling!


My kids were IN their glory... I loved that they were outside most of the time.
Would stop in for a drink of water and run back outside to discover the wonder that surrounded them just outside their door. :)


It's was such an amazing weekend! :)

I will be posting the rest of the pics over on my photography/family blog if you want to see more!

How are you? How is your week going?


  1. Oh friend I love this!!!
    The pictures are beautiful the setting is divine
    nothing like spending time in the gorgeous creation with those you love!

    love and light

  2. I read one of your comments on rain's blog, and then decided I had to mosey on over to yours. I LOVE your pictures! Absolutely delightful. I really wish I had the time and money to get involved in photography. Alas, I suppose I'll just have to live vicariously through others for the time being. Hope it's okay that I stopped by! Peace to you today.

  3. I've missed reading you! I was wondering why my dashboard wasn't updating you and then I realized that I was not officially following you...Now that thats fixed! You changed your blog!
    I like the pics.
    Wishing you peace today:)