Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Heart Rumblings {In the Wild}

We have been hosting my hub's parents in our home the last 2 weeks. And today my mom in law, pulled my daughter Hope aside and put $50.o0 in her hand to help fund her way to kid's camp this summer.

Hope had heard that our old church was going to be taking a group of kid's to the camp, and in passing, had mentioned to her grandma that she might like to go to it.

So my mom in law, in a act of kindness and generosity, handed Hope some money to help fund her way to the camp.

Hope approached me about it because she had told her dad about the money, and her dad said, " Honey, your mom and you and I have already talked about this....we don't feel comfortable with you going. So the answer is no."

This brought Hope to me, and it spurred on a really interesting conversation.

I hadn't had a very deep conversation with Hope about my "why" on my answer for her to go to kid's camp.
All she knew was that we didn't feel comfortable with it.
She was curious and wanted to know why.... so we had a heart to heart.

My personal opinion about any kind of church camp isn't very high.
I don't like them to be perfectly blunt.
I think they mirror a lot of the boxed in mentality's that churches these days have.
It starts the whole "emotional" experience = experiencing God thing in kids that as a grown up, I am still shedding.
I think it becomes an addiction to be totally honest.
We are taught that and conditioned to think that the whooooole church experience...the building, the lighting, the music and the flow of it, the words spoken from the pulpit...
All of it... we are conditioned to believe that we can only connect and experience God in this building, in this way, and we are so hooked.
So we keep coming back for it week after week.

It's such a counterfeit.
I strongly feel that we were created to experience God in the everyday....the little things that get overlooked.. in the mundane.
I mean, if you want to get Biblical about it, scripture says,
"For through Him (Jesus) all things were created."
"He is before all things, and in him all things hold together."

What would that mean?
He is everywhere.
He is the glue that holds ALL things together.
Pretty awesome, I think. :)

Back in ancient Jewish times it was just a known fact that everything was spiritual.
God was everywhere, and truth was everywhere.
It was always right there to take in, sense, feel and partake in.
He created us to find Him like THIS.
In relationship, in nature, in touch, in sound, in smells, in EVERYTHING.

We were meant to experience Him "in the wild" so to speak... outside of a cage....
just like Adam, walking in the garden with Abba.
The garden was OUTSIDE... God didn't create a box for Adam to go to find Him.

We are created in the image of our Creator...
We are built like Him and we contain Him.
So let me ask you something...if we are like Him and built like Him and we contain Him...
If we mirror Him.... let me ask you this..
Can you put Him in a box?
Can he be labeled and formalized?
Will He live inside a cage?

I think you know the answer...cause I have a resounding one inside of me.
Absolutely Not..
He won't.
So why do we contain each other?
Why do we think that we can attain true life in our hearts by containing each other?
The very creation that He has chosen to walk around with HIS image and His makeup...
Why do we systematize people...label them...squeeze them into a box AND expect to pull and draw life from that??

The truth is we can't.

We were created to experience our Creator and Father in the day to day, walking WITH Him IN the everyday.

When you take such a massive piece of that mystery out of the equation... and you introduce a system that shouts that you can only experience Him INSIDE the cage/ really messes the whole true and organic way of walking this life out with Him up.
It's topsy turvy!

It messes people up.
It messes people like ME up.
We amp up something that was made to be simple and lovely...we amp it up to these emotionally charged experiences.
Kind of reminds me of these romantic films that are out...they take love and sex and make them into something that is fake and completely off the charts unreachable for any couple.

It's makes people sick. heart sick, which is the most destructive of all.
The very "well spring of YOUR life" flows out of your heart, and to have a sick heart is to live in death.

So this is was what I shared with my daughter.
I told her my concerns about having her heart submerged in that kind of mentality.
And that I so desire for her to know God OUTSIDE of all of that.
Outside of her being told, in order to know God she has to read her Bible everyday, pray to Him for hours and hours, work really hard to not sin, go to church every week, go to youth group every week, and evangelize her friends...and on and on..

I mean, if we are going to take scripture literally, doesn't it state that:
"He has written His law upon our hearts."
"HE has given us His Spirit to dwell IN our hearts and to lead us into all truth."?
He. Him. His Spirit.
In the day to day...leading me into His T -Truth?

That He has taken all the ways He has designed us to find joy and peace and life, and HE has inscribed it, literally CARVED it into and on our hearts.

So in all honesty, I could care less if my kids ever step foot inside a church, or memorize any scripture, or go to any kid's camp, kid's church, or youth group.
What is better?

To be an adult that has been submerged in a system full of rules and regulations, has memorized the whole Bible, yet has no real, authentic connection to God but through a building experience? Who lives a life as a walking dead person...dazed and confused at the lack of joy and peace in his life?


To be an adult that sees God everywhere, in the day to day knowing Him and His love... realizing everyday that the glory of God is being lived out each day as they live their lives fully alive and awake to His reality. Him, the real deal, and all the while, they have never set foot into a church, and don't know a lick of scripture?

Number 2, please!
I would choose option number 2, thank you very much.

I love hearing what Hope has to say on these types of topics... this kid GETS it.
She talked about His love and wondered if it surpassed a person's death... that if they didn't know Jesus, would they still get a chance to even after they died?
She asked me this, and I asked her, " What does Truth tell you about that, lovie?"
She smiled and said, " God's love is greater then death, mom..."
Yes it is, my love.

His truth is a simple truth.

We are created to live outside any system/cage.... to live in the wild and know our Papa.
Anything else really screws the whole thing up...screws us up.

My 11 year old GETS it.

And I want it to stay that way.
I don't want anybody to steal that precious truth from her heart.
Nobody.... not even people that mean well at a kid's camp.
There will come a day when she will be out on her own and will have to speak for herself...but as her Momma, I desire that she connects with God outside of all that, and I will do what I can to guard that treasure in her.
I want my daughter to have a different upbringing then I did.
I want all my kids to know that He is every all things... the glue that holds it all together. They look to the left and see Him... They can look to the right and see Him...

Anything that says He has to be experienced like "THIS", is counterfeit...because in all honesty, the sky is the limit :)

After Hope and I talked, I felt like I needed to give her the choice to go or not.
I expressed my thoughts, she expressed hers...asked a ton of questions...and SHE decided that she would rather not go.


Living in the wild and choosing life today..

<3 Amy


  1. Love this post you wise mumma. It reminds me of a youtube clip I watched a few months back of Kim Walker speaking about how we need to be able to get that spiritual connection without the emotional song. So true. So hard especially after relying on the emotional plugs.

  2. Widge, so so true! I feel as if I am going through detox at times. Sounds ridiculous, but it's so real. Life with God outside religion and all the emotional stuff that we are programmed to believe "connect" us to! Such freedom, but really a road less traveled.

    A old scripture was going through my head today..
    "There's a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death."

    I used to think that the easy way was the "worldly" way...the way that seemed right was people that didn't go to church and were heathens.. lol! But now, it's cause to wonder if the religious way is what seems right to a man. Because religion brings death to the heart.
    Just a thought.

    Love your heart...gonna search for that clip!
    Hugs. A

  3. This is awesome, A! And I'm really glad you gave her the information and she made her own choice. Kudos to you. :-*

  4. Thanks for the post. I am a mother of a grown child who was raised in the church by parents who actively served and loved Jesus. I am the mother watching her grown child "recovering" from that childhood and trying to find his God, I say brava! But my God is greater than his upbringing and my child's early training. My God reigns!
    Love you.

  5. mmmm
    I like the wild
    it's good!

    love and light you insightful mamma!!!
    following your heart is the best thing we can do for our children!

  6. Jen and Cat... LOVE you mommas mucho!!