Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Got a bit annoyed at myself last night...

I ran into a neighbor friend at the pool... we were coming in and she was coming out.

Anywho, her little daughter and mine have played together a few times. They really really get along so wonderful... I love that part!

Her little daughter has stepped up a notch and wants to have a sleep over....

(enter me...screaming on the inside.. NOOOOOO!!!)

I hate sleep overs.
Don't like my kids away from me.
Have sexual abuse stuff in my past, and know plenty more that have too...and alot of the abuse happened under the cover of night.

I can count on one hand the people I feel safe with my kids having a sleep over. But even that, I would rather them have a play date and come home and sleep under my roof.

Ok, back to the story..

The little girl is talking and talking about wanting a sleep over, her mom is all smiles... it's a great idea to her... I am tongue tied.


Yes... I have an opportunity to say, " Oh, I am sorry, we don't do sleep overs.. but a play date would be fun!"

Nope.. I am so afraid of hurting this mom's feelings, and this little girl's feelings that I say a whole bunch of nothing... but I do smile, and I act awkard.

THAT is my annoyance.

Why why why do I have to make everybody happy and comfortable all the time?
Why is it a problem to just be me, and say where I stand on things?


So I called

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