Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Friends {Honor Your Journey}

Goodmorning to you :)

Just wanted to share a blog post by a friend, that touched my heart yesterday.
My friend, Jenny, has known me since I was in diapers. No joke!
We laugh about it today...so wild that we are on the same journey to healing and freedom.

She is an amazing inspiration to me.

As she has healed and become more aware of her own heart and what brings life to it, she has found that she loves to paint.
This painting that she shared was really powerful to me.
Her and I had, with our hubs, had recently shared a meal, tears, and hearts.
She shared a bit about what this phrase, " Honor your journey" meant to her.
It's 3 words that God has spoken to her heart, and it keeps her centered and moving forward.
I love that.
So here is her painting...
I think it's just lovely, and so powerful all at the same time!

It begs an answer doesn't it?
How am I honoring my journey today?
What does it mean to honor your journey?

Would love to hear your heart and your answers.Click here to read her blog post.

Beautiful day to you.


  1. A very touching post. Thank you for sharing. ((hugs))

  2. thanks for the link friend
    awesome post
    her words resinated

    you're lovely friend!

    love and light

  3. i love this SO MUCH. and what a poignant reminder. YES. we must honor our journeys, for they are so unique and all our own.

    no one else can take our journey for us.

    How am I honoring my journey today?
    this is a hard one because i've been working overtime lately and it seems like the rat race of real life pushes away any 'journeying' but also, sometimes that IS the journey and it wears us down. ... today i am torn between much needed rest, or much needed housework. i think i will get another cup of coffee and ponder it some more. ;-)

    What does it mean to honor your journey?
    such a good, deep, hard question. i think for me it means to respect where i've come and where i go, but not lose the everyday moments, the now moments. actually, this is what my blog is about...finding sacred in the everyday. and learning how to allow grief and failure and other negative things to not keep me in bondage, but to set me free into finding ways to grow and become.

    thanks for the introspection today! much love to you, friend. i'm still thinking about the lovely things you've said to me...they mean so much and help in ways you'll never know. <3