Friday, April 15, 2011

Faith and Mystery

I have just a few minutes this morning.. but I have been thinking on faith lately.

How for so long, faith to me meant certainty.
Isn't that ironic?
But I think you get it too...just reading that, isn't that what we have all been taught?

Your faith is your certainty...your faith is all the things about God and life that you know for sure... I see it as all my little boxes. All pretty and wrapped up all confined and containable.

But anybody that has lived any life, can tell you life isn't so.
Life is chock full of mystery...with a capital M.

And faith has nothing to do with certainty.

Faith truly embraces mystery. And the mysteries of life are everywere.

Reading this morning, a new book I cracked open last night by Ann Voskamp,
I read about the Israelites being in the wilderness, and how God fed them everyday with manna.

One of the things that Ann points out is the meaning of the word manna.
Manna actually means, "What is it?" ha ha... isn't that awesome?

It means, " mystery".

The Israelites were eating mystery. They took it in everyday.

And scripture says "they ate it and it tasted sweet like honey."

That is faith to me.

To take in and embrace mystery.
To know that there is something bigger then me out there that loves me, and has good for me.
To be at peace and at rest with mystery...because that is what it is, a mystery, something I can't explain and box up and be certain about.
Faith is honey to my heart.
Faith is hope to me....even in the midst of mystery.

Have a beautiful day.



  1. oh this is so lovely....
    and so true.
    thank you for sharing your journey because i love to learn with you!
    hugs and love, sweet friend.

  2. I love a God of Mystery. Way more complex with beauty and grace with open ends.
    Perfect post.

  3. I finally had some quiet time to sit and drink your words in.
    I never like to rush when I come for a visit to your space.
    I always know it will be a delicious stay, one I want to savour.

    Oh and I was so not disappointed...
    these are good things you write about my friend
    and I could not agree more

    get rid of those damn boxes I say and
    lets breathe
    lets embrace
    lets REALLY live
    Faith is mystery, a beautiful mystery that is ours
    and not only is that mystery and love out is in us as well...alive and living...ahhhhh what a gift!

    This is the last thing I am reading tonight
    Thank you Amy, you are truly a diamond in the rough
    love you and your gorgeous heart♥

    love and light