Thursday, April 28, 2011

Joy. Peace. Contentment.

I think all of us are on a search in life for 3 things.... joy, peace and contentment.
Really the 3 encompass "life" don't you think?

When all is said and done, I truly believe that every human beings' drive in all they do is to find joy, peace, contentment.... life.
Our lives seem to encompass an ever continuing journey to search for joy. contentment. and peace.

There are so many voices out there shouting at us that what they have will bring us to these 3 things.
Almost like little salesmen, jumping up and down and shouting...
"Hey! Hey you, you can find joy here!"
And then another little man, jumping up and down... "No, no, find joy over here"
And then another little man, jumping up and down.... " No it's not over there, it's over here!"
And on and on they go.
Shouting. Jumping up and down to get our attention.
They offer 'it" in this position...It's in owning this stuff... it's in being skinny.... it's in looking this's in this belief's in driving this car.... it's in knowing these's in being's in being on the "in" crowd/church/group....and on and on.


It's like Alanis Morrisette says in her song, Thankyou, it's the "transparent dangling carrots."
Always right there...and always just out of reach.

Everybody has IT.... the IT that brings joy, peace and contentment.

But something that I am finding bubbling up from within lately has nothing to do with all of THAT.
I am finding that the places I am finding life these days, couldn't be further from THAT.

More and more I am seeing we are created and wired to draw joy, peace and contentment from REAL, GENUINE, ORGANIC, AUTHENTIC connections.
Connection to God.
Connection to each other.
Connection to the earth.

Because WE are real. living. organic beings.
We were designed to draw "life" (joy, contentment and peace) from things that are real.
We've been invited to LIVE this life whole, and co-create with God.
We have been designed to find joy in GIVING not accumulating. generousity.
And in gratitude.... choosing to say, " I am enough. What I have is enough. I am good. All is well."

And by design, we are invited to partner with bring heaven to earth.
What is heaven?
It is all things just, all things good, all things peaceful, all things love, all things true, all things noble, all things pure and get the picture.
It's all His, and therefore all is mine.
Scripture says, " Did you not know that I was always with you? That all that I have is yours?"
Now I am NOT talking religion... oooh no, I am talking life breathers.. life givers... life builders.
We are called and designed to bring that to this beautiful place, God Himself called good.,
To a place where all is not always lovely, and good and just.
It's not supposed to start in heaven.... Jesus said, the kingdom of GOD is NOW!
Eternity is NOW!


I was talking to a friend about this, and I found myself apologizing for sounding a bit New Age..ha! ha!
But really isn't this the truth?

We are divine beings. Made from earth and heaven. Spirit and flesh. Dirt and sky.
We are made with the image of God Himself, and formed from the dirt of the earth.
We are not animal...and not angel.
We are human.

It's quite profound and awesome.

In a world that is more depressed, more lonely, more afraid, more full of every sort and kind of addiction, more disconnected than any generation in history, we are told constantly to keep reaching. Keep reaching for that carrot. If you only just reach a bit farther...
But truthfully we are dying inside.
Completely starved for life.
With so much convenience and so much advancement in our culture, you would think we would have it all.
But nothing could be further from the truth.
We are starving.
And the simplicity of it is this...What you are so desperately longing for is right in front of you.
Jesus said it in all His parables and stories, "The Kingdom of God is's INSIDE you."
It's within your reach.
It's. right. here.
It. is. IN. you.
You don't need anybody to tell you how to get it, or which way to go, or anything.
Leading. you.
Loving. you.

It seems like the more we look outside of this Truth.. the more we search to buy it, achieve it, strive for it, falsely connect to it, we compare it, contain it... the sicker we become.

Outside of anything that is real, anything that isn't authentic,'s making the whole human race sick.
Sick in our bodies.
Sick in our minds.
Sick in our hearts.

Being organic beings.
Being image bearers of God.
We are designed to the very core to live in connection with Him, with other image bearers and
the earth.

To enjoy this good earth that God has created for us, to find the joy in the beauty of it...nature, animals.... He designed it for US, and He said it is good.
When was the last time you had your hands in the dirt...cultivating and planting life?
Something magical happens... something that is indescribable.

We are designed to connect with each other in real, authentic, and genuine ways.
And I am sorry, but Facebook is NOT connection. It's fake. It's not real. It's gives a false sense of connection, but it's cannot be put in place of REAL.
Email, blogs, social networks, texting, etc... they are all well and ok for you IF you do connect in a real way with people, but they canNOT take the place of real or you will slowly become sick.
Research is showing that people don't even know how to talk to each other anymore. They are afraid to call, and rely on having intimate conversations via email, text and FB messaging.
Most couple breakup over Facebook?? What!! Seriously, I just heard that little tid bit of info.
We are becoming so disconnected, all the while feeling like we are connected but aren't, and becoming completely handicapped.
The beauty of an unexpected phone call that turns into a memorable conversation, will never be had because we dont' want to be we don't take the call, because now we know exactly WHO is calling. sigh.
Another box, if you ask me. Another fake, unreal connection leaving people starved for the real thing.

I know a word I am using alot is organic. It's a word that become quite taboo....but truly we are organic beings. We were created from the earth, and we were created from God.
We are both.
We thrive in both.

Creating is another God designed way that we draw life, joy, peace and contentment.
God invites us to be co-creators WITH Him....
How have I been creative today? It's vital. We have to make time for this. We have to.
Be it writing, or painting... photography.... or landscape.... coloring, doodling... sewing... creating hair styles... what is it for you?


Isn't it interesting toothat we have a very big system out there that has taken us from the earth, and, into these sterile, germ free, dirt free, air conditioned boxes.
Boxes every were.

~ Religion does it as well.
We were once a people that were set free from religion, and brought back to the beauty of the real and raw connection with God...truly like Adam in the garden once again.
God affirming over and over again that He is NOT angry with us... that He loves and adores His children, but we keep coming back to religion. We keep coming back to the box. We keep coming back to and under the lie that "who I am is not enough, I must be more to appease this God."
Hmmmm.... another box.

~ Our bodies,
Our bodies were designed to be nourished and filled with life through the fruit of the earth. To be nourished literally by life. Plants contain life.. they are alive. It's a pretty cool concept that we were created to ingest life, to in turn bring our bodies life.

The food that is offered these days does quite the opposite. It has been so twisted and polluted, that the base of everything man made is corn and soy. We are sicker then we have ever been in our bodies. Chemicals, pesticides, fillers, and artificial sugars and flavors are the crux of the foods that are made. The fruit of this earth has been so polluted that even the nutritional value of an apple is 75% less then it was 100 years ago. It doesn't even nourish us. It's a wonder we are the largest most obese people in the world, and the most malnourished.
Again, everything that is easy is boxed, canned, and bagged.

~ Jobs and success are measured by status and money. Yet people are the most miserable in their jobs then ever in history. We have artists clicking on computers all day long in a cubicle. We have farmers on Wall Street. It's crazy! People that were designed to find joy in their love and passion and giftings, are being shoved into careers and jobs that are making them sick, depressed and dead inside.
Another box.

~ Connection with each other. Something happens when you are voice to voice with a friend on the phone, or face to face having lunch. Something so incredibly heart filling happens. Joy bursts forth. But these days we have technology. And we are trying to draw the same life and joy from a "box" with a keyboard and lit up screen, and can't understand why every time we draw from it, our bucket comes up dry. It's not real. It's not how you were designed to connect.
Another box.

This post might sound a bit random, a bit scattered, and as I am looking at it, rather LONG! yeesh!
But I hope it all comes together here in the end.
I know I didn't touch on every thing that is boxed in our society.
But my point is that we can't live in boxes.
We were not designed for boxes in any way.
We were designed and created for freedom.
We resemble our Creator so very much.
We do bear His image, but most of all we all contain a piece of Him.
We are so much like Him it isn't even funny.

God cannot be contained.
He WILL not be boxed in.
He is as far outside of any kind of box, mindset, and small minded man way of doing things.
We are so very much like Him.
Designed to live OUTSIDE the boxes.... in freedom.... in Love.... being lead through out good hearts that He resides in.
And once you step inside a box, you can expect nothing but poison to infiltrate your every part.
It will be slow, but it will kill you from the inside out.

Just some thoughts this morning.
So if you are like me...searching for life, joy, peace, contentment... it's in these simple yet profound ways.
Don't be afraid of things that that you so desperately need.
Don't be disconnected from who you really are, from what you really need, and from WHO you are loved and cherished by...
You do not have to live that way anymore.
Choose today to live this life fully alive, awake, healthy, vibrant, and complete.
The person that you are, the person you are by designed to be....draw life from those things that are real. genuine. authentic. Life giving sources that you were designed to draw from.
You won't be sorry ;) You will find exactly what it is you are looking for.
Resolve today to not settle for anymore counterfeit ways to achieve joy, peace and contentment.

Freedom to you today.. Amy


  1. oh sister this is not random at all
    in fact
    very relevant!!!
    I couldn't agree more
    you words resinate loudly with me this morning
    thanks for pouring them out!

    love and light

  2. Wow. Incredible post. I'm lost for words right now..... Will be back for a second helping of this nuorishment