Monday, February 28, 2011

Love Wins

I am sure if you are on Facebook, Twitter or bloggy land you have come across this....

Love Wins

I watched this from Rob Bell on my FB page, and my heart jumped!

I adore Rob Bell...

I have gained such an incredible insight to the scriptures through his thoughts and research and encouragement. He is one of my most favorite teachers....pastors.

As a matter of fact I have passed his books on to many friends, and recommended his podcast as well.

What I didn't expect, but should not be surprised by is this article from Justin Taylor... and the slew of additional blog posts and Rob Bell bashing that is taking place every were I look on the blogosphere.

I have to say that I am so appalled at the mud slinging about a video, and 2 line blurb on a book that hasn't even been released yet.
Don't they call those little video teasers, uh TEASERS for a reason??

The verbal abuse from folks, and other teachers like John Piper...with words like heretic, false teacher, wolf are outrageous!

Another article I came across was this one from Jason Boyett...
God Bless you, Jason!
I loved this quote from the article... and boy oh boy, isn't it the sad, but honest truth!

"There is no meaner, more hateful person on Earth than a Christian who suspects you have gotten your theology wrong. Labeling that mean-ness as "being faithful" to the Gospel doesn't make it less hateful."
~ Jason Boyett

My jaw is dropped. I am in utter disbelief....maybe it's because I have never had any issue with his heart or teachings, that I stand aghast at such outrageous accusations!
But how easy it is to step up on our little boxes, and start to point the finger at a man that is asking the hard questions... and God forbid it be on the topic of hell.

I, myself, wish the book was out yesterday! I can't wait to read what Rob has to say on the topic.
I have said it to many people, and I will say it here... Rob Bell knows his stuff.
The guy studies deep! Deeper then any pastor/teacher that I have ever heard before.
And I will continue to recommend his books, videos and podcasts. There is so much we cannot understand about the scriptures because we live in a totally different time and culture then the ancient Hebrew Jewish culture.

I mean, it would be like me trying to apply a book that was written by an African tribe 1500 yrs ago, and try and understand it and apply it to my 2011 American life.
It's truly ludicrous!
But if I can study the culture of that tribe in that day, and try to understand why this person would address a certain topic in a cultural manner of their day.... I can take that principle and apply it to my life, OR not.

Rob Bell does this.

I am reminded today to love even more.
Even to love these people who are acting so badly and so un-lovingly.
Jesus says, "They will know you are mine by your love for each other."
That is a legacy I want to leave.
That is the legacy that Rob Bell preaches.
To love.
To be a people that are light and life givers in our generation.
To feed the poor and the needy.
To be the salt that we are in our communities.

I am choosing THAT today.

And yes indeed, Love Does Win!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A bit p.o.'d

Lately it's interesting to find myself a bit angry about religion again, and the lies that I swallowed and lived under for so long.

I am not not not wanting to bash anybodies church, pastor or leadership here.
I am talking about religion.
I am talking about the modern day religion of western civilization's Christianity here.

If you are a friend on facebook, one of those areas I had asked about lately is the whole area of "calling".

Another area that has come up in me is the whole, "finding the perfect will of God" area.

O my gosh! How deep does this stuff go in me? Heesh!

I have lived a life of fear believing these teachings.
I have lived a life of not stepping towards anything, believing these teachings.
It has stripped me of my hearing and knowing my own heart and the simplicity of how God leads me through my heart for years.
Of LIVING my life.... just living it, enjoying it in the freedom He has given to me to enjoy it out of fear that I am doing it wrong.

Realizing this after my hubby and I have had some intense conversations about some big decisions that we have coming up...this whole are roared it's ugly head.
"What does God want us to do?"
Both of us look at each other blankly and completely clueless.

The following day I heard God whisper to my heart,
" What kind of Father do you know Me to be? One who sits back and watches my children grovel and cry out in angst and confusion? With hundreds of directions that they could step toward? What kind of Father doesn't speak up and bring direction? What kind of Father doesn't trust His kids? Trust the wisdom that I have placed inside them? The heart that carries life and direction? "

My answer, " It makes you a cruel and heartless Father."

His answer, " Yep. What kind of Father do you know me to be, Amy? Cruel? Heartless?"

Me... " No, Papa.. You are love. All I know of you is kindness and compassion towards me when I feel deaf and blind. You are my Papa who holds my hand, and has shouted through my heart, my desires of what way to go...and You trust me. You have shown me that you trust me..."

Abba answered, "I don't hide from you. I won't. I want you to always know the way. I have given you's a gift, Amy! A gift! So LIVE it... grab a hold of it.... ENJOY it... don't fear it but, step towards it, embrace it! It's FOR you! LIVE! I have given you a good brain to think, and make decisions... just use it and LIVE. I am with you always. LIVE!!!!"

He might as well have been shouting it to me, I could hear it so loud.... LIVE!

How long have I chosen to not do anything for fear of doing it wrong?
How long?
My gosh!
Why oh why would we ever teach people to not follow the simple ways that God leads us through our heart, desires and hopes??

It's a simple way of living, and religion has massacred it, and chained people up...bound them with fear of "doing it wrong".
It's so simple.

LIVE, He says... and LIVE is what I am gonna do.


Ok my friends... this blog is gonna start having some pretty raw and open thoughts on here.

I find that writing really helps me hash alot of this whole journey out. Something about heart to fingers, and reading it that speaks to me.

So, I am welcoming you to come on along.

I did make some changes because I need a safe place to ramble and hash.
I changed my blog address to reset this blog.
I come from a religious background, and truly right now just want a safe place to write out the inner rumblings of my heart...and not be judged to be totally honest.
There will be and is plenty of that already, and this place isn't a place where that is welcome.

Anyways, so that is that.