Friday, December 17, 2010


It all began..

The world that is.

One God.

One man.

One woman.

2 trees.

1 choice.

This man and woman, all they knew was one thing.. love.
We don't even know how long they were in the garden with God... it really could have been for hundreds of years.... and then again it could have been a much shorter time.
But truly, these 2 beautiful human beings were created out of love.
The love of God.
The love of the Trinity.

I heard a quote from an author once....

"Man was created out of the laughter of the Trinity."

I love that!

I am more and more convinced of the Trinity.
Alot of folks argue about this topic.... but here's a thought on the Trinity.
I was thinking of the scripture, "God IS love."
It's His very nature.. it's who He is... love.
And to BE in it's own nature has to be shared.
One cannot BE love, and not share it.
So here is a thought... take it for what's it's worth...
If God is only one... all by Himself for aaaallll eternity, how could He be love?
That's where the Trinity comes in.... God is not just ONE, He is 3.
And the relationship and love H shares is within the 3..
Father. Spirit. Son.

And out of this love relationship with each other, God's love was poured into man and woman.

And just another little nugget on God...
The whole philosophy of God being one entity, all by himself out there some were in the universe, stems from pagan Greek philosophy.... thankyou so much Mr. Aristotle!
mmm hmmmm...

And unfortunately, a lot of this philosophy has seeped into Christianity...being past down from one generation to another... getting more and more further from the truth of the true being of God, the Trinity and His heart.
We have gotten further and further from the truth of what the first generation of Christians believed.
And little by little, generation after generation has passed down one tweak of this and one tweak of that in how we see and relate to God.. until finally it has gotten to perverse and so twisted that the entity of God has become a being that is:
He is distant.
He is by himself and alone.
He is moody.
He is sometimes benevolent.
Some people do believe in the Trinity, but again Greek philosophy has the Trinity in a hierarchy type rank/relationship, as opposed to being equal and a love relationship filled with joy and contentment.

Sorry a bit of a bunny trail... ok, back on track.


All they knew is this world that reflects the heart of their Father.

They never knew pain.

All they knew was love.


One day, the great deceiver came..
And asked just the right question.

"Did God say......"

"Did God say not to eat of that tree??


No, He only said that because He doesn't want you to become like Him."

And so the deception of man and of woman began.

Why was this question so powerful do you think?

The small seed of doubt that planted deep deep within the question was what caught Adam and Eve.

What was the seed of doubt?

Your Father is holding out on you.

And when you start to unfold that initial seed, you can see how the lie unfolds even more. The lie speaks of how the Father mustn't really love you to keep something good from you.
It also speaks of their Father being selfish.

This one question changed everything inside the woman and then the man.

One question that spread like poison through the hearts of the woman and the man.....
One question that blinded the woman and the man of all the love, the relationship, the intimacy, the wholeness and unity of their hearts with God...their Father... their Creator.

One question that threw the wool over their heads...

Just one question.

But I wonder this.

I wonder if the woman and the man had remembered the heart of their Father, if they would have fallen so easily prey to the deceiver and his bag of tricks?

I wonder if they had checked and thought to themselves,
"Abba is good, He would never hold out on us something that was good. This isn't truth....this is a lie."

But they didn't.
Instead, they took the bate.
Hook. Line and Sinker.


They bought the lie.
They bought the deception.

They took it, and believed the lie that their Father was indeed holding out on them.
They questioned the very nature of the One's Who's heart they have always known to only hold love and goodness towards them.
They believed the lie that He was holding something good from them because of His own selfish, and power hungry nature?

This Father that loved, provided and was completely smitten and in love with his son and daughter holding out on them?


"Did God say.... Did He really say that??"

Let's keep going with this....
This is where believing the lie went with this man and woman.
If God was holding out on them then all that their Father had shown them about Himself had to be a lie. And if HE was lying to them then His true nature is not love, but indeed selfish, self
centered and completely power hungry.

That could only mean one thing.

He doesn't love me.
He isn't truly for me and my benefit.
He holds the best things for Himself.
He isn't who He says He is, and therefore I need to take care of myself.
I am all alone.

Interesting how one little question can cause such ripples in the heart of a man, isn't it?

One man.
One woman.
One lie.
They believed it.
It changed everything.
Let the hiding from Father began.
Let all the misunderstanding His heart begin.
Let the shame, guilt and fear that sin introduced begin, and begin the distortion of our perspective of His nature and His heart towards us.

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