Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Papa's love.

I have a picture that will be forever etched in my memory..

One day I walked in my little daughter Faith's room, to find her Daddy and her playing..
She had to be 3 years old...and there she sat with her Barbie in hand, and her Daddy right next to her with his Barbie in hand, playing together.

I stopped, and took in this site... such the picture isn't it?

My hubby is an incredible Daddy... God has used my hubby's love for our children and his intentional interaction with them so many times to show me His, my Abba's heart and love for me.

This particular memory tho, I have seen this picture time and time again in my heart... but one particular day, my own Abba God, spoke something to my heart that I will never forget.

He said, " Remind you of anyone?" ;)

" Why yes... yes it does, Abba. It reminds me of You and me."

As I looked in on this memory, reliving myself standing at the door watching my husband and this tender moment with Faithy, the revelation came to my own heart that my Abba has done this very very thing with me...with you.

Here He is...
So vast and so extremely inconceivable to the human mind...
Filled with wisdom beyond anything the smartest human could even grasp....
I could go on and on... but I think you get the point.

Just as Faithy's Daddy sat on the floor crossed legged with her, playing with her, speaking words that her little 3 year old heart would understand, and engaging her at HER level, so my Daddy has done the same with me.

This picture, I will never ever forget because it speaks of His tenderness to me.

Everyday, He comes and meets with His little Amy...
He speaks to her with pictures and in ways that her little heart understands...

He loves her and shows her His love in ways that her little heart can interpret.

He leads her gently by the hand, and reveals His heart and truth to her in ways she can receive and understand.
Because He is THAT kind of Daddy. :)
He is good.

He meets His treasure, His delight, His beloved daughter, Amy, here... in this these ways because He LOVES her, and He wants her to know that He loves her, so He engages her at HER level.
Just as Faithy's Daddy engages her at her level for the simple reason of showing her his love in ways her little heart will know his love, so does my Papa... my Abba does the very same thing with me.

Many don't know this about God.
Many will not agree.
Many would argue.
But for some this will touch a space in your heart, that you know to be true because you know Him too, don't you?

This is the God that He has revealed to my heart.
My huge, great, vast, awe inspiring, sovereign, words cannot even begin to express kind of God.
He is my Papa. He draws close to me, and He has shown me His love for me in this way.

What kind of picture would it be if Faithy's Daddy didn't engage with her because she wasn't at HIS level?

What kind of picture would it be if Faithy's Daddy made her speak intelligent, clear and precise words, or he wouldn't engage her or speak to her if she didn't?

What kind of daddy would he be to make a 3 years old come up to the level of a 45 year old?

It's a ridiculous picture!

It would look arrogant!
Foolish for a daddy to put that kind of expectation on his child!
We would look on that as almost being on the verge of abusive and neglectful don't you think?
What good father does that to his child?

But yet, we put that on our own Abba... our heavenly Father.
Like He is some pompous being, that will only speak to us if we say the right words, or utter the right formula.
That He will only respond if the prayer prayed is said in eloquence or correctness.

What kind of Father is that?

Jesus says in scripture,

"If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! "

If I being human, if my husband, who is human knows how to engage and show our little daughter how treasured she is, and how loved she is by engaging her at her little 3 year old level, how much MORE does our Abba know how to show the gift of His heart and love to us??

I believe that His heart is so incredible for us and towards us that He has intentionally placed pictures all around us of how He relates to us.. in the relationships around us... in nature... in seasons... all of these are pictures and words that I can take into my heart, and see how my Abba God sees me, and how He wants me to know Him and His love towards me.

And the resounding message I receive is:

Abba loves His Amy. :)