Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A little about this blog...

Just some words for anybody that is stopping by this blog for the first time or the millioneth time.

I love to write.
It's a really powerful processing tool for me.
This blog is that space... a space that I have made to write and to give my heart a voice and an outlet to process and share.
If you want to argue and sling poo, this isn't the space for that.
Conversations are welcome, but poo slinging is not.
I will delete any unkind, argumentative, "I am right and you are wrong", type comment.

Conversation, yes.

Arguments, no.

I love to share and talk with each other, but I won't have any body being hurt and torn up here, myself or anybody else.

Because this is a pretty raw and real part of my heart, there will be times where my tone might feel a bit upset, or vent'y like.
Please please understant, this isn't personal to you, your church, your religion, your heart... this is just me hashing out this messy walk and journey with God.
It's messy.
It ain't pretty all the time.

Anywho, just wanted to share that little bit there.
I am having a hard couple days of just realizing some hard truths about people that I love, but really don't want relationship anymore. They just want to sling poo over their little walls. Makes me sad.


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